Friday, April 28, 2006

Some girls have all the luck!

Did anyone else watch CSI last night? The origional one not the other two(I just can't get into those ones). If not here's a recap.

It was at a wedding and the evil mother of the groom gets murdered by the bridesmaids and the brother of the bride. The body is found because they tie it up behind the car that the new couple are leaving in.

Throughout the whole show all I could think was 'some girls get all the luck' and 'why couldn't my friends do that for me?'


Okay, so I'm better about the house now and am actually kinda getting excited about it. Apparently there is a pond in the yard that I didn't notice. It has 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms, 1.5 stories, no basement, on 1.27 acres. In the upstairs is where the huge master bedroom is with an ensuite, there is also a loft like room up there which is where I will put the computer and all my books. You can look down over into the living room. It has wood heat, which I'm not crazy about but at least it will be warm. In the yard there is a treehouse and swingset built in and Adam can't wait to build himself a garage. I told him he has to make it two stories so we can build a bar and area for a pool table and foosball table. We got them down 20,000 in price so I feel pretty good about that. The reason for that is because nobody knows where the septic field is so it may be a problem. But hopefully not.

Marie, my sister, just bought a second condo to rent out and then eventually sell. Rich little bitch. Somehow I think I went the wrong way career wise... 198,000 for a one bedroom 600sq ft apartment. OUCH! That's even more than we spent on our new house. For us to live in.

My sisters fiancee, Zak, electrocuted himself last weekend and he has second degree burns on his hands. So I can't wait to get to Calgary in like two weeks to absolutely bug the shit out of him. He would do the same for me. We're a loving family like that.

Anyway that's all I got for now, I gotta go grocery shopping. Dammit.


  1. my keyboard died i have to use onscreen keyboard.
    im gonna call you when im not sick and can talk again.
    doctors said i have strepthroat,mono,andthis thing with tonsels and have to get my throat/neck drained....i am taking soooo many t3s and tylenols....ill talk to u if i get a keyboard before i can ither way....
    congrats on house

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