Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We here at the Dictionary of Cindy have come up with the following definitions for a few commonly used phrases. Please feel free to use these words in this context.

Pissed Off: having spent all day yesterday baking only to come downstairs this morning to find that her dog has ate half of an apple pie off the counter.

Mixed blessings: Asking for a shift change at work only get said shift change so I have days off with hubby only to realize that I now work christmas night and boxing night, as well as christmas eve during the day. I guess we will be doing christmas on the 27th...

Fucking repetetive: Watching Cars for the 800 billionth time. Knowing all the words to it and also kinda wondering if its possible to wear out a DVD since this one has started to skip and get stuck and its not scratched because it has almost never been out of the DVD player.

That is all for today from Cindy's Dictionary.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Where does time go??

No, not referencing the fact that I havent posted in a month, but the fact that Hubby and I were at his 10 year reunion last night.

God, I feel old. Mind you I havent had my ten year yet (not till next year) but still the thought is the same. It makes you think back on when you were in high school, imagine how you thought your life would be at your ten year reunion. Glamorous no doubt. At least I expected mine to be. Rich, fancy cars, new house maybe even famous (I dreamed big) fabulous jet setting life. I wanted to come back and show all those that were mean to me in HS that I was better than them, had succeeded and so there for thinking they were better than me in HS.

But here I am, none of those things. I still havent even been to Europe yet, and that has been my dream since I was little. Now I just hope to go back and not be the fattest one there. Especially since I used to be the skinniest. God I sound vain.

I dont know, I just... never thought this would be my life. I always wanted something MORE than regular. Something to make me feel better, ya know? Something fabulous. SOMETHING.

Now before you go thinking I'm ungrateful for what I've got, I do realize that I have an amazing husband (who currently HATES his mother for badmouthing me. Hi Janet.) and the most wonderful well behaved toddler to ever exist, a nice house, we both have good jobs, and we arent in debt. I appreciate all this. And yet...

I still cant help but wonder what it would be had I chose the other path...