Monday, February 27, 2006


So I go to work for one night and leave Adam alone to fend for himself and this is what my kitchen looks like. I had started to clean up first too before I took this picture, so if you can imagine this even worse. Stupid man. Shall we discuss the items on the counter? Bread? Fine. Fries bag? Sure, the garbage isn't too far away, but whatever. Saran wrap? For what?! Empty juice jug? Not too hard to refill, but he never does (even though it is a major pet peeve of mine). Not pictured: Sugar bag, various dirty plates, 12 bazillion different cups and dirty pots, pans and cookie sheets. Also in picture? 26 of Rum. I'm not quite sure what he made last night to make such a mess, but I think it's safe to say he had fun doing it.Posted by Picasa


Also if there are any americans reading this could you please explain to me why you think it's ok to come to my country and complain about our money? I had a guy come into my store last night and bitch about how the bar next door would accept his american money but would only give him his change in.... Canadian. Ummmm I don't know maybe because this is CANADA. Say it with me asshole; C-A-N-A-D-A. We are not american and we don't like you as much as you think we do. Nor do we need your $14.00 that you came in with. You're lucky we even accept your money and not make you exchange it like you do to us. WHY come here if you are just gonna bitch? Nobody forced you here. Stay in your own country then. Also why would I have american change to give you? Your money is ugly. And looks fake. And once again for all you slow fuckers, this is CANADA. You wouldn't go to the UK and expect them to take your money why is this any different? Canada is not a third world country and your money isn't worth that much more than ours so don't expect us to be happy about accepting it. Because I was thisclose to kicking your ass out of my store. "I need to get rid of this stupid money" Umm... then dont come here to drink our much better, stronger beer. Not that I hate all Americans, cause I don't. I hate the ones that come to My country and BITCH about it. Because we might just kick your asses. Again. Remember what happened the last time you guys attacked? We kicked your asses and sent you home crying in under a week. Then burnt your stupid white house down for good measure. Don't make us do it again. We're not as nice as you think. FUCKERS!

Friday, February 24, 2006


So I am apparently coming off as maybe a little bit of a psycho. I have been told(thanks for the heads up). I am mostly not usually psychotic. Usually. Ok so maybe latley I am a little unhinged on here, but I think I am kinda allowed to vent here. Right? Oh well too bad if I'm not. Cause I will anyway. I am bitchy like that. I was also told to tell a funny story. You'd think that would be easy seeing as how my husband is a clown, but alas lately he is an ass.

Case in point: this morning at 5am when he got up for work I asked him to get me a GLASS OF WATER. And he bitched at me for being useless. He even said "whatever happened to the strong independent woman you used to be?" wtf? Where did that fucking come from? I am capable of getting my own water however, you're dressed and doing nothing why cant you do it? He did, but thats not the point(also where is the man who would do ANYTHING for me? No matter what it was or how stupid) But I digress.... Hmmm funny story.....

ok umm...

OH! I know. Lately my mom has been pushing ever so subtly for me to have a kid. In my x-mas stocking she gave me kids plates. For 'when kids come over'. In January while in Calgary we went through Old Navy and she stopped at the baby stuff, looked at me and sighed. "When are you gonna have kids so I can buy all this cute stuff?" I just walked away.

Then recently, she bought a piano off my aunt and was trying to bribe me with it. She said that if I was planning on having kids anytime soon she would give it to me. I told her exactly the same thing I've been telling her since Marie got engaged. That I will have kids once Marie's wedding is over. For she is getting married in Jamaica! At an adults only resort, that is super all-inclusive. So I neither want to be pergnant then or have to find someone to watch my baby. Because I would rather die than let my fucking bitch of a mother in law come anywhere near any of my kids. Just like she said I wouldn't let her. And then once we return from this fun adventure the race is on. Zak and I are in a competition to see who will have a kid first, me or Marie. However she thinks we are stupid and all Adam will say is 'no kids'. Who asked him anyway. Also good luck saying no. Thats my story. Not very funny, but that's all I got. Sorry. I'm going to the bar now so maybe something fun will happen, but probably not cause this is afterall Asscrap Village, BC. Population 24.

PS. a chihuahua? really? hee hee, my dogs will eat your dog and then puke him up on my carpet. No though, really send me a picture, they are cute little dogs. As long as you always dress them up.

Edited to add that last night when we came home from the bar(when Adam made me leave [fun anhilator]), I had something in my eye. And because we were slightly drunk we decided we could fix it. Adam flushed out my eye with an entire glass of water, refused to let me wipe it away, and made me blot it with a towel that was in the bathroom. It had been touched at some point by Caesar because the next thing I know my eye area is COVERED in a rash. So we decide that we've maybe done enough damage for one night we'll go to bed. I wake up this morning with a very swollen eye. Like it looks like he punched me in the face. So now I'm going to tell everyone that's what happened. Because I'm a bitch.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


So I just finished reading an article on msn about how they are considering putting a special tax on junk/unhealthy food. WTF! Why would anyone ever even consider letting the government do something like that? The argument for it being ok is that there are special taxes on cigarettes, how is this any different. I'm sorry but I currently pay 1.80 for a bottle of coke. I feel that is outrageous. However I would probably kill someone if that price went up due to an unhealthy eating tax. What right does anyone other than my doctor have to tell me what is ok for me to eat? None. Also this whole 'it's not right for schools to have vending machines with junk food in them' deal is bullshit. In highschool I would probably have died without my daily coke and bag of dill chips. I was also a size zero. Junk food eating and weight does not always have a direct correlation. Yeah I ate unhealthy sometimes, but I was also ACTIVE, which I feel was key. Some kids shouldn't eat junk food, but that doesn't mean that because they cant I can't. (Also I have issues with no peanut butter allowed at schools) Yes vending machines do bring in money for the schools but that shouldn't be why they are there (schools should be better funded and not rely on candy sales, however they do). They offer the students the freedom of choice and its not right to take that away because some kids are fat. Also stop cutting funding for gym classes then. I somehow got off track here.... My point was that is not the governments place to tell me what I can and cannot eat or drink. Allowing something like this to happen is just one step closer to a situation like that in the book Fahrenheit 451(i think thats what it was) where the government controls the whole society and disallows the reading of books. Obviously this is a stretch, however why would we even allow a decision like what we eat be taken away from us? I can make healthy eating choices. Sometimes I choose not to. If I get fat or diabetes that is my problem. Don't take away my right to choose junk. Or make me pay more for it.

Monday, February 20, 2006

My Poor Doggies

Because you can imagine how hard their lives are. They though, are very upset right now. My sister and her fiancee left this morning and took their dog with them. Also their dog (who is Jenny's sister from the same litter) Katie, is Caesar's new girlfriend. So they are both pretty upset that she is gone. And that she took with them the only two people who would consistantly give them table scraps. Off their plates. At the table.

Also my house is TOTALLY still clean because Marie is obsessive. And Adam kept getting mad at me because she WOULD NOT stop cleaning everything. Kinda made me look bad. But there was no way I was going to make her stop. It's fun having someone else clean your kitchen. The death glares were sooo worth it. (Cindy stop making our guest clean everything.) (When she is your sister she doesn't really count as a guest. Also, No. You can't make me)(PS Thank You Marie)

Unfortunately my poor liquor cabinet has taken a severe beating from the two boys who drank themselves into a stupor every night then started again at 9am the next day. Maybe I shouldn't have shown Adam where it was.

We also discovered Marie is allergic to seafood. Not badly, but enough to make her stop drinking and not want to go to the bar. Spoil sport.

My cat now hates me too. He got completely ignored the whole weekend. I also maybe kept forgetting to fill his food dish because the spoiled Katie prefered the cat food. And Tommy's water.

I also never want to go in my hot tub EVER again. Zak, you are obsessive. Seriously? 4 Hours? Really? I finally had to get out because I was going to die. Also Adam? 102 is NOT hot enough. Fix that please.

PS Jenny is soo cuter than Katie. I can say that cause it's my blog and I can write what I want to. NAH NAH NA BOO BOO! Ok I am done now.(maybe)

I don't want to go to work tonight. Maybe I can just..... ah Fuck it. It's not like my job is hard. Just boring. Also Adam sorry for the lack of supper being made. I was busy. Doing this. The post with no point whatsoever. Nor was I able to make it make sense. I am sorry for that(not really).Ok I am done now for sure. Although I reserve the right to add to it at any point.

Friday, February 17, 2006

My Heart has Melted

So I got up early this morning to go into "Town" with Michelle and her kids. Like 7am early. For those of you that know me you will understand how out of character that is for me. Like, people think something is wrong when I am up early. Anyhow, I was kicking myself in the ass when the alarm went off, but managed to make myself get out of bed. It all became worthwhile when we were in a waiting room that had toys. I was dragged into a play house that was MUCH too small for me and two kids. But this is the conversation that ensued with the 3yr old boy;

"Aunty Tindy?"(heehee I taught him to call me aunty)
"Yes buddy?"
"I love you the mostest in the whole neighborhood." Gives me a big hug.
"AWWWW! I love you too buds."

My heart melted into a big blubbering ball of mush. And then it was totally worth it to drag my lazy ass out of bed.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The nerve of some people

So someone I know recently decided that they wanted to take a look at my house, ya know cause we're moving. So I switched shifts with the most annoying spoiled brat in the world. No that title is not held by me thank-you. (Also that is another story cause she. is. stupid.) Spent the ENTIRE day cleaning my house. Top to bottom. She phones me at 8 that night and tells me shes sorry she couldn't make it but could she maybe come look at it tomorrow before I go to work. I say yes because I have not learned my lesson. So I spend the next day trying to keep my house clean also while babysitting two of the cutest kids in the world.(seriously I'd post pictures but I don't know how their mom would like that) Anyway they are 3 and almost 2, which means serious energy. Anyhow if you can see where this is going she never showed up AGAIN. And she never phoned. So I kinda really want to tell her where to go if she tries to set up an appointment again. But I probably won't. At least my house will be very clean for this weekend when my sister gets here. She's a bit of a neat freak and usually spends her mornings before I get up cleaning. I love that about her. However it didn't work very well while we lived together. I. AM. MESSY!

Anyway the lesson here is that I will never trust the word of this woman ever again. But she is actually a very nice person. She just can't be trusted.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day Y'all

So this morning I set up a trail of presents around the house and leading back to me in bed(it was 5 in the morning so quit with the sick thoughts) with a card and a box of chocolates. Adam walks into the bedroom looks deeply into my eyes and says "So what's the occassion?" Men.

edited to add that when he came home from work he had bought me a big bouquet of flowers. However refused to use his atm card to buy me a card to go with the flowers. Oh well thems are the breaks.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Give me back my shoes!

So I have this friend who borrowed a pair of my shoes like in October. I finally got mad enough to do something about it. I seen her in the bar(it was her birthday) and she was wearing them. She drunkly offered to let me take them. I don't think she thought that I would. But I did. Obviously she underestimated how much of a bitch I can be. So I left her there in the bar with no shoes. Not my fucking problem.
Don't look at me like that. You'd do it too. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Stupid Dogs

So yesterday, an hour before work(I was still pretty sick so I really didn't need any bullshit) my dogs? Jumped the fence and decided to not wait for me to take them on that walk that I had been promising. Truly I blame Jenny aka the dog who puts Houdini to shame. She is the smart one. I just know she showed Caesar aka dumbass how to get out. I know this because she jumped the fence earlier in the day and Caesar told on her by crying at the door. So I guess finally she decided that if she really wanted to go anywhere she was just gonna have to take her little brother with her. And we all know how teenagers feel about that.

So anyway I discover that my lovely dogs are gone and I lose it. Adam will kill me if anything happens to his dogs. If it were just Jenny we'd be ok. She's not slow like the other one, shed go for a run and come back. I go and get some of Adams friends to help me look for them cause I will die if I have to search by the river for them. They go back to the house and I go into "town" to see if anyone has seen them. Nope. But everyone will call if they see them. So I head back to the house with plans to expand the search only to find Caesar has been put inside the breezeway and I am relieved. I walk to the door to unlock it and I see Jenny inside the house. Seriously I think "Was she in the house the whoe time? Am I that retarded?" But thankfully no.

Fucking Dogs.

Monday, February 06, 2006

I have an addiction

So I am addicted to coke. Not the white powder, nose candy variety. The brownish liquid variety. Ya know, Coca-cola. It is so bad my mom will phone me to tell me that I am at an increased risk of diabetes, heart problems, blah blah blah. My sister will phone to tell me that if I quit drinking a can af coke a day in a year I will lose 15lbs. Ok fine. But I drink upwards of a litre of coke a day. Sometimes two. Anyway this finally came back to bite me in the ass this past weekend.

I wake up at 8am with a major migraine. So I decide to go back to sleep to sleep it off. Later I wake up and have a fever. Adam is not here because he doesn't care(jk) he's out skidooing. I spend the day on the couch watching cartoons, drinking coke, tea and a smattering of water. Adam returns home around 6pm and I make him make me some chicken noodle soup. Then I have ice cream and a glass of coke. 9pm we go to bed.

I wake up in the middle of the night with a really high fever but cannot sweat. Now I'm no doctor but I know that is not a good sign. Wake up Adam to get me a cold cloth. Doesn't work I only succeed in warming up the cloth. Still refuse to drink water. Ok not refuse but now it's I can't . Because I am so dehydrated that water makes me nautious. Now I'm not puking yet however I cannot stomach anything. I get up at 7am and phone my boss
me: Lydia I cant come in to work today. I have that flu that's going around and I need to go to the hospital.
lydia:who is this?
me:cindy. can i bring you the float?
lydia: yeah sure.
Hangs up phone. Ok now I need to manage to get dressed without falling over on my face cause I have NO balance whatsoever. This is accomplished with only minor swearing. Adam is still in bed because he thinks I'm being a baby. I start the car and wait. While I'm waiting in the kitchen my legs give out and I sink to the floor. So I decide to stay there until he's ready. My dog Jenny is worried about me so she comes and rests her head on my lap. Finally he's ready to go but he is BITCHY. This is my checklist of things I need to bring with me:
-ice water(that I cant drink)check
-health card check
-garbage can(for puking) check
-roll of toilet paper(cause my nose is running like a leaky faucet) check
-bitchy husband to drive me? check
We are now ready to go except he has to stop to get himself coffee because to him this is no big deal
Adam: you know this is a waste of time. they are just going to tell you to drink lots of water and sleep it off.
me: I bet that I get admitted.
A: Whatever.
me:selfish bastard. you dont care if I die.
A: you're just being a drama queen. I'd feel more sorry for you if you weren't sick all the time.
me: Yes but in all the years you've known me have I EVER asked you to take me to the hospital?
no response cause he knows that I have never.
me: So there you go. Shut up and drive.
8am: We arrive at the hosptal and check in. I give the nurse a run down of my symptoms and then wait until the doctor gets there. WTF! why is there no doctor there? IN THE EMERGENCY WING? Anyhow. We wait and wait and wait until about 8:45 when I'm finally told to go lay down on a bed. They gave me a cup to pee in but seriously i had no fluid in me to pee. Finally the doctors show up (yes I get 2 of them, hot young guy and older nice lady). They do the check up of me and decide that yes its the flu and SEVERE dehydration. So they have suggestions since I cannot stomach fluids.
Hottie: Well we cn give you some fluids through an IV to help with rehydration since you cant keep it down...
me:makes face (cause I haaate needles they always blow up my veins when they try to do this.)
Hottie:Ok or we can give you some gravol rectally to help settle your stomach then keep you in for observation while we make you drink litres of fluid.
me: Umm.. what was that first option again?
hottie leaves and the doctor lady decides to start the IV for me. But first she has to tie the rubber band around my arm to make my veins jump out (only they dont ).
doctor lady: muttering to herself. where are these veins. mutter mutter. moves to other arm. Says something like "Good thing you arent a junkie you'd never find a vein." Decides to go for the big vein inside my elbow. Ties it up and then jabs the needle in.
me:flinches. OUCH! Oooh look at all that blood falling everywhere. (Turns white). Um I think I'm gonna be sick now. Proceeds to vomit into a paper tray. I go into shock very easily.
DL to Nurse: Oh I think we just made her feel worse. (tries to whisper) Well I blew this vein so maybe you should try.
nurse: ok now just relax. (yeah ok right). Um uhoh. I just blew this vein inside her hand now too. (says to other nurse) go get me a 24 needle.
ON: But that size is for infants.
nurse:yes well this girl is so sick her veins are the size of a two year olds.
Finally they manage to get it in and I am now worse than when I came in.
About an hour later Adam finally gets worried enough about me and makes the nurses let him back to see me.
Adam:Oh. You are sick.(well no shit)He holds my hand and tells me to rest. (is it sick that I like seeing him worried about me?) the first bag is emptied and they hook up another one for me. Once that is done hot doctor comes back to unhook my IV for me and then tells me my body was thisclose to shutting down because I was dehydrated. He then proceeds to utter the most upsetting phrase I have ever heard. "Now no carbonated beverages for you for at least a week." I start to cry. Adam laughs.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Have you ever

Have you ever had roommates? Of the opposite sex? That you don't know before they move in? I have. One summer day while at work Adam(my husband) walks in and says that he has found the solution to our money worries(his company was going on strike). He met this guy over in the BAR and he wanted to have him live with us. It was supposed to be only for just a little while and would be great for us. About a month later his friend from back in ontario pulls up the driveway and the next thing I know HE'S living with us too. Fine. Mortgage paid. However do you have any idea how much food 2 guys eat? Lots. But while roommate 2 was living with us it was fine, he kept 1 in line. He(roommate 1) one time asked me what I was making for supper cause he was hungry. 2 just about hit him for being rude. It ws never in the agreement that I would cook but I did cause I'm nice like that. Anyhow Adam had to move to Alberta while he was on strike cause he's a workaholic and couldn't stand not doing anything. One night 1 got drunk and tried to hit on me. Like rubbed himself against me and shit. I never told Adam cause he would've killed him. And we needed the money. So I kept quiet. Sept. came and 2 moved back to Ontario. Now I'm at this point thinking that oh great now I'm alone with him. FUCK. But problem solved 1 brings in another friend from ontario. The two of them together was unbearable. You could tell that they were used to having mommy do everything for them despite their ages (27 & 24). They would expect me to cook for them before I left for work at 4 and if I didn't they would walk up town and buy food. Then on weekends when Adam was down they would bitch to him about how there was never any food in the house and where was their $50 dollars a month going if not for food. But that wasn't even the worst. They soon started taking my good SILVER to work at construction sites and LOSING it. Also after work they would wear their dirty coveralls around the house and sit on all my furniture. AND wear their muddy work boots all over the house. They never cleaned anything but would tell people (our friends) that I never did anything around the house.
We went away for a week to Adam's brother's wedding and when we came back they had PAINTED my kitchen. Now we had discussed painting it, however
OLIVE GREEN was never an option. I was thinking something like cream. And he never finished it. They never cut it around the edges so it is still the same color as it was before this fun little adventure into home renovating. Now I suspect that something happened to the walls while we were gone and the only way to hide it was to paint. But that is just a theory. So needless to say once Adam ws back at work they were asked to move out. It wasn't pretty. They never talked to us again before they moved out. Because how DARE we ask them to leave OUR home.

Anyhow my lesson is learned. I will sell myself on the street before I ever have roommates again. Seriously don't mess with a girls silverware.

Yay my picture worked! I am apparently not as stupid as I thought I was. But Look! How Pretty I was that day! Posted by Picasa

So this is my life?

Hmmm.... How to start this whole blog thing. I guess by telling a little something about myself. I am 23 years old (holy shit!), married (Holy Shit!), I have two dogs and a cat. I live in a small town in Canada. I have a shitty job that I haaate and no future here. However on the bright side I am moving to a slightly bigger asscrap town and am planning on taking a course to better my life. I am the second oldest of 4 kids and generally I am the forgotten one. I guess that happens when you move 12 hours away from home. If you would've asked me in high school what I would be doing right now I would've told you either travelling the world or being an actress in Hollywood. THIS is definitely a far cry from that. Oh Well. I guess thats life. You just never know what kinda crap you're gonna be stuck calling life. Could be worse I guess- I could still live in Saskatchewan. ;)