Friday, April 14, 2006

Nothing New

Since nothing new and exciting has happened to me in the last couple of days, I decided to tell the story of how my sister almost drowned. It's kinda funny if you don't think about the drowning part.

Picture a family of six plus my cousin Michael, all up northish at the lake in the beginning of june. In Saskatchewan, so not warm yet. We are all sitting around the fire (which is banned right now due to fire risk, but meh), my three siblings get bored. They decide to go for a rip in the boat. I decide to stay because they make fun of me alot and because it was very windy. And also very cold.

About two hours passes, and they haven't returned yet. My dad gets worried (because he's a worrier) so I go with him to the beach to see if we can spot the boat (which is silly because I am blind). Nothing. We decide to go to the other end of the lake which was the provincial park end, to see if we can spot them or if they are there.

Before I go any further in the telling of what happened for those of us on dry land, I will tell you what happened in the boat. As told to me by the three idiots.

Apparently they were having a blast until they ran out of gas. My sister, who is the oldest, decides she will just swim to shore and send help. Which might have worked if it weren't so windy. There were huge swells that kept going over her head. And to make matters worse, the life jacket was about three sizes too big(they had to fit my brothers who are much bigger than us girls). So instead of swimming to shore, she wound up being pushed further out.
Mitchell says to Sean "You're a good swimmer, you should jump out to go get her. Just take the lifejacket off, you'll get to her faster."
Sean replies with "yeah, ok." and starts to get ready to jump in.(my brothers are always convincing each other to do stupid things. always)

Now, Marie can see what they are planning and she knows that it is not a good idea. Which, DUH! The boys sit back down but she can still hear them convincing each other to jump in and just save her.

By this point Marie has decided to just float and not fight it because really she is so tired she can't anymore. And she is going into hypothermic shock because, as I said not warm.

Back on my side of things, my dad and I have gone up to the other end and can see the boat. What we can also see is that there are only two heads inside. We freak out, and get help from nearby people. They have a seadoo, but can't find the key to unlock it, so they break it because we are that frantic. Buddy goes out on seadoo and pulls back the boat. We get it out of them that Marie is still out there. We had held out all hope that she was just laying down inside the boat because it was cold. My dad (who can't swim at all) starts out to go save her. Like, just walking straight into the water. I don't know what he was gonna do when the water got over his head, keep walking maybe? I try to follow him, because I can at least swim. He won't let me, he's afraid I will wind up like Marie.

Seadoo guy gets wind of the fact that there is a girl out there (he had went back into his campsite) and comes back running at full speed. Hops on and rips back to go save her. He does, and she is ready to just give up.

We take her back to our place and put her in front of the fire to warm her up from the unnatural shade of blue that she is. The forestry park official comes to our property to see if she's ok, looks at our fire and is all "I see no fires here, just get her warm." And then leaves.

After this we got lifejackets that fit us properly.

Reading it back is not as funny as I remember the telling of it being. Oh well, it still is KINDA funny. You know cause everyone was ok, we can laugh about it.
In the future, when I have nothing interesting to write about I will tell stories of the dumb things my brothers do. Like this one time, with a six foot ramp and the kleenex...

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