Monday, October 30, 2006

Fun Weekend!

I finally had a fun weekend again! By that I mean we actually did something instead of just staying home.

We went to a halloween party, one where you have to dress up! It was so much fun. I haven't dressed up for halloween since high school at least. We went as Vampires. Hubby got first and I got second. He received a jar of homemade pickles, and I got a jar of plum jam, also homemade.

He seems to think that he is soooo special because he won first. Whatever, I did his makeup so the only reason he looked as good as he did was because of me. Anyway...

Apparently squishing yourself into a corset at 17 weeks pregnant is not something that should be misconstrued as comfortable. Or smart. And when your husband undoes the clasps at the back, be prepared to have it go flying across the bedroom, nearly taking out a dog. Needless to say I only wore it for a few minutes before I couldn't take it anymore and had to change.

AND THEN on sunday night, it SNOWED!!! For the first time this year. It snowed a couple inches and so we took advantage of it and made a snowman. Which I also havent done since I was a kid. I can only imagine our neighbors are thinking to themsleves 'and these two are bringing a kid into the world?'

Our snowman today looks a little lopsided as SOMEONE decided to refuse to acknowledge the fact that my snowball was bigger than his, so it leans. And also kinda looks like a pregnant woman. Oh well. I figure its not too bad for people who havent made one in at least a decade.

*Pictures will be added when blogger decides to cooperate.*

Monday, October 23, 2006

Holy Illegal, Batman!

I went to an interview on Friday at a motel to do front desk clerk. I have done it before and probably would be the best qualified for it. I have been getting bored at home all by myself lately so I thought I would try to get a job for some extra money and something to do.

Anyway, it was the shortest interview ever. She was really excited about me and getting ready I think to offer me the job, when I decided to tell her I was pregnant, and she looked at me and said "well, I guess I have to tell you you will not get the job. I'm sorry."

I knew that that might happen, but still. It annoys me because it is so illegal. The least she could've done was finish the interview and tell me she would get back to me. Lie to me, tell me there was someone more qualified, I don't care.

Some people just dont get the law.

Baby Tic Tac

Sixteen Weeks. Babys first picture!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wood Heat Misery

This new house has a woodstove, and that is our main source of heat. I cannot take it anymore. There apparently is no middle ground where you are not boiling to death as though you were standing on the surface of the sun. Either the heat is on and you are dying, or it is off and you are freezing to death. Either way you are dead. Or wish you were.

Saying that I am too hot is a big step for me. In our last house Hubby was the Heat Nazi. If you could feel blood circulating, chances are that he would come in and yell at me for it being too hot. People would come over and leave their kids in their winter jackets because it was soooo cold.

I don't know if it is because I am pregnant and have extra blood, enough to bring my circulation to my feet anyway, or if it really is just that hot in here. Hubby keeps getting mad at me because I keep letting the fire go out, but I cannot take it.

Also that is why I don't post so much anymore because the computer is up in the loft and seriously, it is hotter than the surface of the sun up there. And there is nothing that can be done to cool it off up there.

Anyway, I am gonna go try and kill the fire now.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Out of Hand

These hormones are killing me. Seriously. At this point it's not even funny anymore. Despite the fact that hubby thinks it's cute.

We (okay, I) was watching Jersey Girl on the weekend. Ya know the movie with Ben Affleck and J.Lo, the one where she dies? Anyway in case you haven't seen it, she dies while giving birth to her baby. I was BAWLING like a little baby.

Because she died. While giving birth. Any other time I would be very happy that J.Lo died in a movie. But she died while having her baby. So I was an emotional wreck.

(Hubby was laughing his ass off in the kitchen while making bannock, which in truth, makes me laugh.)

But seriously, I cried when J.Lo died. What is wrong with me? There has to be some way to control this hormone rollercoaster I am on. Cause I enjoy being able to be happy when J.Lo dies.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Long time no speak, huh? This time it was not my fault and I was not just being lazy. I went away last thursday to asscrap village to help my friend who was putting on a psychic fair. I came back monday afternoon to find out that he broke the keyboard. He spilled an entire glass of sprite and vodka on it. It didn't appreciate that so much and shorted out.

So I have been out of a computer for about a week. I was going batshit crazy. Not fun. Anyway...

I had an ultrasound today. The baby was hiding behind my belly button. And also refused to wake up. I am apparently going to have a lazy baby. I kinda hope it sleeps alot. I was poking my stomach trying to wake it up and she was pushing with the ultrasound wand much harder than a woman with a very full bladder appreciates. It did look like the baby was sucking its thumb though. It was pretty awesome to see.

Although it was pretty awesome to pee afterwards too.