Thursday, March 05, 2009

Things Hubby said in Mexio

To the various cabbies and bus drivers

"Do you know Ricky Martin?"
"Do you know Enrique Iglesias?"
"Can I see your licence?" (driver didn't really appreciate that)
"You should move to Canada, it's really great there" (The one man recruiter)
"Do I look like I could pass as a mexican?" (yes)

To random people at the resort

"Come to the stage area at around 1am and we(he and his friend) will be fighting in our tighty whities, with towels tied around our necks." (seriously, and I'm not even slightly kidding)
Nacho Libre and Ray-Mysterio. These masks seriously made their vacation. Hubby was so happy and they were their source of entertainment for the rest of the trip.

A conversation with some random woman outside a bathroom with his mask on his head

"Excuse me, do you speak english?" She says with hand gestures.
"Yeah." Hubby looks baffled
"Do you think you could put your mask on for my son to see?" With more hand gestures, as though he really doesn't speak english very well.
"Sure." Puts mask on, and little boy is soooo happy. Jumps around with glee.
"Thank you so much sir!" with more hand gestures.
"Hey, no problem. I just bought it about 15min ago, for like 17 bucks. I'm so happy."
Blank stare back because she thought he was mexican and part of the staff.

I seriously laughed for a good twenty minutes.

While really drunk to his friend

"Oh, I don't need no pussy-ass medication to not have sea-sickness. I'll be fine, I don't get sea sick. If you get sick I will give you a life jacket and let you swim to shore. You ain't wrecking my fishing trip."

Which, turns out he did need it and does get sea sick. Although apparently the "pussy-ass" medication didn't work, because he got sick too. Hubby puked so forcefully he burst all the blood vessels in his face. Thankfully his friend didn't do that to his face, only slept the whole day, because he got married the next day.

To me

"Are you drunk because my mom has Tristan today?" (yes, very muchly so. was not happy about the situation at all. was EXTREMELY drunk before 11 am that day.)

"You know it's not a good sign when (on the bus for our Coba Adventure Excursion) there are two 80 year old women. Not looking very Adventurous."

To the tour guide when booking said excursion

"So is there beer included in this price?"
"No, because yo will be climbing the ruins, they don't really want you to be toasted."
"Oh, so I should just bring my own then?" (he did)

Some things never change. Hubby will continue to be my very own source of entertainment until the day one of us dies. And it better be him to go first, because the universe will have alot of explaining to do if I die first.