Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm A Big Girl Now...

It just hit me about five minutes ago. I'm a big girl now. I'm all grown up, never gonna be able to just move home and pretend I had never left.

Do you wanna know what made me come to that realization? (I'm gonna tell you anyway) It's not being married for a year and a half, having changed my last name, buying my second house or even that I live twelve hours away from my parents.

It came to me while on the phone with my mom(whom I speak to almost every day), we were discussing inconsequential things, when out of nowhere I asked her if she had tried the Lysol complete bathroom cleaner. I told her it was awesome(it really is) and that she should give it a try. It hit me then that I was all grown up and suggesting household cleaners.

When did this happen? I hate cleaning. I hate anything to do with cleaning. Why would I recommend cleaning products?

My mom thought this was absolutely hilarious. I had to let her go because I just felt so old I needed to lie down for a minute.

"Girl, what happened to you? Recommending cleaners, really? Wow, we need to have a talk I think."

I'm ok with it now, however someone needs to explain to my two year old self how this happened, cause I have no ideas.


  1. sarah4:02 PM

    I'll trump you. Last week a sixty one year old woman told me about her sex life. And with great detail. Do I look old enough to ask sex related questions to. Scary....Anyway I apologized a long time ago to my mother for all of the childish things I put her through. And a couple of weeks ago I went shopping for blazers, dress pants and costume jewelry with her. I no longer buy t-shirts and the only acceptable time for me to wear a bunnyhug is in my own home; god forbid I run into a client on the street wearing pj's and a bunnyhug.....
    P.S. the orange smelly stuff is the best for the bathroom. I can't recall what it's name is.
    It's better to embrace than to fear what is ahead. This is what you dreamed of for such a long time....isn't it. Your the only one to blame for your adult life. You could still be at home working at sportscover, dating shitting rig pigs and renting a house across the street from the comp......Pick a lifestyle

  2. oh no don't get me wrong, after about five minutes I was totally ok with it. It's just that it JUST hit me. And it was while discussing cleaners, not something more consequential, like marriage or buying a house. Weird.

    What I fear is letting Adam have a say in the picking out of our new house as he's shown poor taste so far...