Thursday, January 25, 2007

Best Day Ever...

Oh, right sarcasm doesnt print very well.

So you know how I was in Saskatchewan for a month? I was there that long waiting for my dad to fix my car. I loved it. Custom paint color and everything. Made to look like it was a Z24, when it was simply a cavalier.

Can anyone guess where this is going?

That's right everyone, my car was in an accident last night. Well, I guess I was too. I hit a fucking deer. In town. Going 10km under the speed limit even. Although in the interest of full disclosure, the bastard ran into me. Drivers fender. It looks really pretty now.

I have had my car back for 9 days. My dad has had it for over a year, and seriously not even two weeks back, it gets wrecked. Can you fucking believe my luck?

Seriously though, I blame my dad. This is because he called me every day to see if I'd wrecked my car yet. He jinxed it. Even he thinks so. At least they didn't tell my brothers yet, cause I don't think I would be able to handle the harassing.

The part that really had me crying is that just yesterday I had made an appointment in Calgary at a 4d ultrasound place and wasn't sure I would still be able to go. I've decided I'm still going. Cause if I didn't take that appointment they wouldn't be able to get me in until the end of February. And that just wasn't cool with me.

Can you guys imagine how the phone call with my dad went last night? Hi dad, guess what? I just fucking wrecked my damn car! How does this make you feel? Honestly though, I was too chicken shit to talk directly to him so I told my mom. Apparently he had to go lay down and cuddle his dog and tell him his problems.

PS Sarah, my parents have another dog now, my dad found a puppy the day I left. So Parker has a new little brother (rolls eyes). Another dog hitting the fucking jackpot in life.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy New Year!

Okay, so I'm a little late, but better late than never right?

I have been back home now for about a week and a half, so yes I've been being lazy. I was back in Saskatchewan for almost a month, and am a little glad to be home. Needless to say Hubby is happy for me to be home. He literally lost five pounds while I was gone. And was feeding the poor cat dog food cause he ran out of cat food. The cat was REALLY happy to see me.

My family spoiled the shit out of me for christmas. I have more maternity clothes than most people have regular clothes. It's great to fit comfortably into clothes. I definitely look pregnant now, and am having a hard time not bumping into people with my belly. My mom kept saying that my baby was going to be born with brain defects if I keep banging into things with it.

My little brother kept telling me that my baby was going to be born hard boiled because I sat in the hot tub a couple of times. Dont worry I was careful to not let myself get too hot. And I had my Dr's okay as long as I was careful.

My mother-in law tried to kill me. Literally. Okay maybe it wasnt on purpose, but the best I can say is MAYBE. We went there one night for dinner and she fed us seafood. That was all she made, and I wasn't going to ask her to make anything else since we dont really get along. So to tide me over until we could get back to my parents house, I ate a few pieces. Then later on she mentioned that some of the pieces had been cooked a week earlier and she simply heated them up. Uh-oh. Not only was I eating seafood, but leftover seafood. I was fine for about a day after, minus the swollen feet. But the day after that, christmas, I was so sick. I couldnt eat anything all day and was swollen everywhere. And I had not swelled up at all prior to this (or after btw), so I was a little worried. And then the puking came. Hubby simply rolled over and pretended to be asleep (thank you very much), so I went to sleep in another room so as not to disturb him because he had to drive back home the next day. I have never puked that much my entire life. Ever. I was so sick I couldnt keep water down. I was so thirsty and all I could do was suck on a freezie. I kept half of it down. But eventually I got better. Although I had a tendency to cough till I puke. Which was fun. So yay, thanks for trying to kill me Janet. You almost succeeded.

Anyway, I'm really glad to be home. I promise I will try to get back into posting regularly.