Monday, May 01, 2006

Enter the Twilight Zone

So last night after work I had a psychic come over to my house and he did a reading for me. Fucker was so good it scared the shit out of me. I tried for him to tell me where the septic system is in the new house but he was only picking up shit about this house. He described my basement and the bathroom and dude never seen them. So then after I said I think you're talking about this house, I took him to see it. He was like yep this is what I saw.

He knew about a project I am working on (and I can count on one hand the number of people who know about it from me) and said it was going to be majorly successful as long as someone keeps it tightly under wraps from everyone because someone else they know will steal the idea.

He said that Adam has a very volatile temper and that sometimes it scares me. Yep. He said that I need to stop holding in my feelings and remember to express what I am feeling to those around me because they will understand and support my feelings and this will help me to feel less alone. Also I am supposed to stop living in the past and start living in the now and to be more spontaneous.

And apparently I am going to have two boys (one may not be adams, but he said either I have an affair or it's not mine either, but a friend or family members) and also, much to my relief finally a girl. Which made my night. Because I definitely want a girl.

Now that you all think I'm crazy for believing in this I will leave you at that. Oh, Adam would like for the internet to know that he 'doesn't believe in this shit'.

No Sarah, Adam wasn't here he had to go to work and rushed out the door as soon as the psychic got here. It was kinda funny because the psychic noticed how quickly Adam rushed to leave. And don't worry, it's not you that will spill the beans to the idea theif. He told me who would and that it would be someone they considered a 'friend' and he also explained what this theif would look like too!

Ashallee, it cost me 50 bucks. I don't think he's doing too many readings though because he's had some threats from people around here not appreciating "his kind".

I have to add things this way because my computer is having difficulties lately and refuses to open pop up screens at all and is totally freezing up so I have to keep closing whatever screen I was currently at. Which sucks especially because I started my online courses I am taking today.

Also, Adam, if you do read this secretly, Happy 25th Birthday you old fart. Hahaha you're a quarter century now.


  1. I thought you said phycho, which wouldn't be that weird. I didn't know you still beleived in that stuff, and you brought him to your house no less.
    Well it sounds interesting, you of course know that I'm slightly unbeleiving of that kind of stuff but whatever, it's kinda fun.
    I unfortunately don't have anyone to tell about anything I know about you so don't look my way. If that made any sense?
    So was Adam there or was he at work?

  2. SO I finally got a keyboard.
    And that is sweet!
    Who is this special fella'?
    Did he cost money?
    Thats fucked.
    But I got a test to study for.
    Ill call you sometime this week, if I have time.

  3. Oh, I love Pyschics. I totally believe in them.
    I went to one when I was about two months pregnant. I wasn't showing at all, and she said, "You have some very strong female vibes around you. Are you pregant?"
    When I said yes, she told me my daughter would be very successful.

    And about five years ago, I went to another pyschic who told me the most important person in my life will start with the letter "R"

    I totally forgot about that until after my daughters birth. We named her Rowan.