Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I kinda miss home*

So, lately I've been wishing that I could go home to visit my parents. I haven't seen them since January. But... it's a twelve hour drive. And I would have to go by myself because Adam has a new job and such. And I would also have to drive the truck (which is another story because Adam crashed my car into a mountain)(It's back home waiting for either my dad to fix it or for it to heal itself. Whichever miracle happens first.)(not that I can really complain, cause it's not like I'm paying to get it fixed) and it is so hard on gas and such a huge boat. I hate it.(That was alot of brackets.)

Anyway, what caused me to become so nostalgic was a picture I have of me sitting on my deck at night holding our .22(for shooting at coyotes). I remember this night quite clearly because the gun backfired on me and I thought I was deaf. I also felt gun pellet pieces hitting my face. I was showing my friend how good of a shot I was, and it literally blew up in my face. She laughed, and humiliated,I put the gun away.

Now I don't exactly live in some metropolitan area where I would get in shit for shooting a gun off my porch, however I don't think my neighbors would appreciate it. I just miss being able to do whatever the hell I want in my backyard and not have to explain to my neighbors why I did it.

Now, I could post this picture to prove my rednecky ways** but I won't. One reason is because I would have to scan it and download it and blah blah blah, but the real reason is because I've lost weight since the picture so I think I look fat in it. How am I losing weight you ask(as though I think anyone really cares)? Diet (by diet I mean I am taking diet pills for thyroid boosting and some illegal ones that contain ephedrine which make me really hyper). Also I drink stupid diet coke now which cuts out seriously thousands of calories for me in a day. But it tastes like crap.

Maybe tomorrow if I feel like it I will post the picture, because it is funny. Maybe.

*Yes I still think of Saskatchewan as home
**Yes I'm a redneck, I don't care.
I decided to post the picture even though it's not the best of me. Oh well, I look so happy with my gun. Obviously this is before the gun backfired...


  1. I miss home too Cindy and I'm only an hour and a half away. I'm not exactly sure why I miss home but I do. I think because I hate where I am right now. It's not a bad community it's just that I don't know anyone and I'm not exactly sure if I want to meet anyone. Ray will be leaving me quite soon so I will be all alone. You are far away and Melissa is even further away. I don't really have anyone to go out with and talk and laugh with about the good old innocent days other than Tyson and Rory, but that isn't fun. Now my days are filled with listening to everyone elses problems which just isn't as fun.
    P.S Diet Coke is worse for you, I hear it can actually assist in gaining weight. Sorry to burst your bubble
    Plus I need a vacation.

  2. I have this exact same picture in a frame at my moms house. Pretty cool, and ps that's my bunnyhug your wearing. Do you still have it?
    Not that it matters, probably doesn't fit? or didn't fit at the time and that's why you got it. I was kinda fluffy at the time...HA Ha

  3. Cindy I honestly suck at this blog thing. It took me a real long time to figure out the drops and I have been trying to add a pictures as a background for like two weeks. I don't have a computer at home so my work has been slightly neglected trying to figure this out. I think i'm gonna buy a computer tomorrow just so I can figure this whole thing out..and can you hear music when you open my page? I don't have speakers and I've been playing with this music thing

  4. I can't believe that picture!
    I find it oddly intriguing....
    I also find it fascinating you don't love the taste of diet coke! I grew up with a diabetic brother, so everything in our house was sugar-free. So now, I can't even taste regular coke....
    I actually, not that you asked, think walking (quickly) for a half hour to 40 minutes will take off the extra what? three pounds?
    I love that photo. I wish I knew you so I could put that up in my home!