Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chocolate Elmo Hawk

So the other day I came home from work to find my men outside doing yard work.

That is the good part of the story. It goes downhill from there...

T was wearing a toque, and at first I thought nothing of it, the Adam asked T where his hair was which was kinda odd, but didnt really set off alarms in my head until T started making his sign for all gone. I was like WHAT???!!!! T pulled off his toque and his head was shaved into a Chuck Liddell mohawk (from UFC). Cue one very pissed mommy.

So I called my mom and my sister and to make a long story short when I said Chuck Liddell mohawk they both SEPERATELY heard me say a chocolate elmo hawk and both couldnt figure out what I was talking about. My mom was even more pissed than I was. Marie thought it was kinda hilarious, her husband loves it.

It has grown on me now. Even though he has had a full head of hair since the day he was born. The only thing I am not quite sold on is that he now looks like a little BOY. There is absolutely no trace left of my BABY!

Judge for yourselves....


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hapy Mothers Day

This is my 2nd Mothers Day, and it was celebrated by being woken up at 6am by my husband when he got home from work asking what I wanted for a present.

I told him I wanted to go back to sleep.

Thankfully he volunteered more than that. He told me I could book a massage on my next days off. I think I said thanks. I'm not sure. I DID however roll over and go back to sleep.

I havent been sleeping very well lately. There are two reasons, and I'm not sure which of these reasons is more to blame. The first reason is because I am sick (the daycare germs take us all out everytime), and therefore I cannot breathe through my nose. At all. I woke up at one point wondering what that damn noise was. It was my nose whistling. This was before my sinuses attacked and sealed off my nose completely. It is really uncomfortable to make yourself go back to sleep while consciously breathing through your mouth. Especially when your worried about swallowing a spider or something.

The second reason is that there is a frog in my pool somewhere. Imagine yourself just starting to doze off when out of nowhere RIBBIT! You lift your head and look over at your spouse, who also is looking at you, both wondering if you did indeed hear what you thought you heard. You roll your eyes and then lay back down. You lay awake waiting to see if he will do it again. Five minutes pass and nothing, so you start to drift off, dreaming of Colin Farrell, doing things, talking to you in his sexy accent and all of a sudden out if his mouth RIBBIT! You look at him confused, and ask him to repeat himself, sometimes that accent is just really hard to understand, he clears his throat and RIBBIT RIBBIT! As you're watching him he morphs into the ugliest frog you've ever seen and leans closer to your face RIBBIT! And then you wake up. Now you're really pissed off. You can't sleep, and the damn frog ruined a Colin dream.

Fucking frog.

As I think of it, I've decided the frog is worse.

But I can't find it anywhere. If I could that bastard would be served as frogs legs. To hubby; I'm not that adventurous of an eater. But I would enjoy watching him eat it.


Hope everyone has had a wonderful Mothers Day! Mine was alright, except the terrible twos are kicking my ass! But that's a whole other post.