Thursday, April 13, 2006

So I Married a Two Year Old

My husband occassionally has hissy fits when he thinks I'm being unreasonable. Which is, apparrently, all the time. I 'm kinda spoiled and like to get my way. All the time (I can admit it). And now, when picking out a house, is not the time for me to start being reasonable. Adam has some horrible ideas about what constitutes a good house. This is what he went to look at yesterday after work (which is another story, cause seriously looking at houses without me? Not cool) the house, is:
- 850 sq feet (too small)
- on 2.44 acres (good, I like land)
- the driveway goes through someone else's yard (no.period)
- 2 bedrooms (not enough, having more than one kid. eventually)
- 2 baths (fine)
- basement laundry room(not a deal breaker, but not really convenient)
- to get to said basement, you have to go outside, down stairs and back inside (ABSOFUCKINLUTELY NOT! laundry will never get done)
- small dining room, like our table won't fit he says ( I refuse to part with my dining room table. He will be gone before the table goes.)
-fireplace (fine)
- electric heat (no. house will never be warm. ever. husband is cheap)
And quite a few other things, but in the interest of a shorter post I will skip the rest.

So I thought I was being quite reasonable to say that I would at least go look at it. He could tell I was not gonna actually go for it. So he started to call me a spoiled brat and that he couldn't afford to give me all the nice things I was accustomed to. I told him that fitting all our stuff in our new house was not being spoiled, but practical. I said something about never doing laundry if I had to go outside to get to the room. Especially never in the winter. Commence hissy fit. He crumpled the papers and threw them at me, stormed out of my work and deleted everything I had saved about houses on the computer.

He's really mature sometimes.

Yes, you could say that I'm being hard to deal with, you could also say that many people would be glad to own their own house, so I should be grateful to be in such a position. I am. But, seriously, I don't think it is unreasonable to expect a house that will contain all my stuff. Adam's new job was a step up, not down, so we are getting more money coming in. Therefore you'd think that it would make sense to get a nicer house, not a worse one. Right?

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