Thursday, March 30, 2006

I feel the need to share

Lately I have been getting compliments alot about my wardrobe. While, thank you it's muchly appreciated, I also find it a bit funny. While I do have a very large selection to chose from, it's deceiving. (It's all a build up of clothes from shortly after high school till now. None of my high school clothes fit me anymore. Stupid size zero, wasted on a seventeen year old (but that's another story). I can't seem to get rid of anything. As soon as I do give anything away, I will want to wear it the next day. Happens every time.)

Anyhow the reason I find this funny is because when I was growing up my mom used to refer to me as her bag lady. She still does to this day. When younger, I was not allowed to dress myself then go out in public. She dressed me until, I kid you not,grade seven. So in the interest of having a fun post here are some of the things I dressed myself in.
Well I think at this age, pants are optional anyway. Notice the bottle in the background? Mine. Notice that I'm drinking McDonalds instead. The obsession started earlier than first thought.Also, that is not makeup, but finger paint. I don't know who did it me, or Marie

Pink spandex pants? Check. Bright green slouch socks? check. Your mom using this picture as blackmail? priceless.

Unfortunately, you can't see the pink and white striped skirt with florescent unmatching pink spandex pants. This was on the way to the New Kids on the Block concert. Apparently THIS was acceptable. At least my hair was brushed.Yes, this was a skating outfit. However that doesn't excuse the fact that I wore the yellow bodysuit all the time. I also really enjoyed the green tights. I wore those with everything too.

Now, this is one of my favorites. Green tie-dyed shirt? you bet. Bad? sure. What makes it worse though, is the tucked in sweat pants, unbrushed hair and the fact that my poor cat very obviously would love to kill me. But he has no claws and is dressed in baby clothes.

So, now maybe you will understand a little better, if ever you compliment something I'm wearing, why I look very happy and also somewhat amused. I've come a long way, baby.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


If I were a dog I would be
Take this test at Tickle

You're a Chihuahua!

What Breed of Dog Are You?
Brought to you by Tickle

I don't know really how to take this. I kinda take exception to little dogs. Especially yappy ones. OH well, I guess you get what you get. I coulda just retaken the test but that would've been cheating.

What kind of dog are you?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Well maybe I should leave shit alone

I will freely admit that I know nothing about HTML codes and shit. Yet I insist upon trying to change things. Why, why must I feel compelled to fuck with shit? Last night I spent the better part of an hour trying to put a wallpaper background on this blog because someone complained that the colors hurt their eyes. I had better things I could've/should've been doing. But everyone else has such cool pretty blogs I want mine to fit in. Anyway I also tried to add a stats counter but I couldn't do it. The cut and paste instructions? Didn't help. Nothing worked. So I guess I will have to beg and bribe Ashallee to help me oh smart HTML codes one. Pretty Please? With sugar on top? I'll bake you something.... PLEASE!
This is the pretty I tried to set it as... wouldn't that be all pretty and summery and shit? Yeah, I thought so too.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Okay, so I'm still jealous, but...

The fact that they all burned so horribly makes me feel better about not having gone to Cuba. (L to R Dad, sister Marie, Mom) I mean, really look how burned Marie's chest is. That had to hurt. My mom actually doesn't tan, so she considers sunburn tanned. Whatever. It's still burned.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

I Don't Wanna

Earlier this evening I was sitting at the computer enjoying a woderful Aero ice cream cone, when out of nowhere a pain on the left side of my mouth erupts across my face. Now, I'm not an idiot so I realize it's a cavity. While for most people this would mean a simple trip to the dentist. I, however, am not most people. The idea of the dentist fills me with such a fear that it cripples me.

It also doesn't help that my dentist is a sadistic bitch. The last time I was there, I had some cavities filled. My first ones on permanent teeth ever. She starts to drill and I can still feel it. She doesn't care and continues to drill.

Now, recapping what we learned from the post in which I was at the hospital, we will all remember that I go into shock very easily. Which thankfully didn't happen that time.

However shortly after this (and this is why she thinks I'm crazy) I came in with Adam to get his wisdom teeth out. Being the good wife that I am, I sit in the waiting room (for 4 hours) and wait so I can drive him home. Despite the fact that the smell of dentist offices makes me sick. Literally. So I am waiting and waiting and while I am my period starts (sorry too much info, I know) along with some of the worst cramps I have ever experienced in my life. No biggie, I can handle it. After Adam is finally finished, he comes out and looks like he has been hit by a fucking semi. I get up and am standing with him to pay, when suddenly the pain that I feel and the sympathy for him mixed with that smell becomes too much. I look over at him and whisper "I think I'm gonna pass out."

I remember putting my pop down (cause it's important not to spill) and then the next thing I know, I'm laid flat out on the floor in the FULL waiting room. Adam is above me shaking me looking very worried and the dentist is kneeling beside him also trying to wake me up. Thankfully he caught me and didn't let me bang my head on the floor. I try to get up but nobody will let. After I convince them it's ok for me to get up, they make me lay down on a dentist chair for 10 mins. force feeding me water. I leave some very worried looking kids in the waiting room. Adam drives us home after 4 hours of major dental work.

Now every time I go in there they all laugh behind their hands at me.

So back to my point for telling the story, I think I'll just let this tooth rot out of my head. It will probably be less traumatic than going back to the dentist.

Fun sidenote: Did you know that when you pass out you fall straight down, not backwards? Contrary to what Wilma off the Flintstones would have you believe.

Friday, March 24, 2006

My animals are too smart

I just came in from a nice relaxing soak in the hot tub only to find that the three of my animals have conspired together to free my package of steak from the sink. There was one piece lying in the middle of the kitchen floor and the other two were, after a quick search, confirmed MIA. Now what I assume happened was that the cat opened the package and pulled them out, shared nicely with the dogs and kept one for himself. And also left one for me and Adam in the package. Apparently my house just became self serve.

Also what I really hope is that it wasn't just the cat because he could never eat two whole pieces of steak. I guess I'll find out for sure in a couple of days if my house starts stinking like rotted meat. That will definitely make it hard to sell.

You know you live in a small town when

It's days like this I wish I brought my camera to work with me.

This morning at work, a girl came to the door and asked if I had seen the car outside on the sidewalk. HUH? So I went outside to see it, and it looked as though the car tried to make the sidewalk a parking lot. Now I don't know why she drove up onto the sidewalk(maybe she was drunk) but what was funny was that in the hour that this took place the ambulance showed up 20 mins after the cop (Hopefully she wasn't hurt), the tow truck was 5 minutes after that (lights blaring*) and every single person in town drove or walked by to see the accident. I mean it was almost jammed up enough out there to warrant trafic control. Which is funny in a town of 24 people. (ok so there is like 1500 but whatever) And every old man made the same joke "looks like she tried to make it a drive thru", after a while it wasn't funny anymore.

What was funny was that when the tow truck hooked up to the vehicle, it was still touching the other car that it had hit. Now for those of you that don't know, my parents own a towing company, so I know about towing. As I'm standing there I suggest that maybe they should move the other vehicle so as not to damage it further. The truck driver looks at me with the look on his face as if to say "what do you know". The owner of the vehicle sees the wisdom of this idea and moves his car forward, thereby eliminating the possibility of further damage.

* The fact that the tow truck had his lights on for no reason annoyed the hell out of me. Because if you use those lights all the time for no purpose then people will stop paying attention to them when you have them on on the side of the road. And that is no good because more tow truck drivers are killed every year roadside than policemen, construction workers and ambulance drivers. And for some reason it is also not law to force drivers to slow down when they pass them working on the side of the road. Okay I am done my rant now.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

So Anyway

So this guy was in my work bothering me and asking why my sister was getting married in Jamaica. So I decided to freak him out and actually tell him why. It's because the planning and execution of my wedding went so horribly wrong that she wanted to escape from the pressure.(and seriously it's jamaica does she need a reason?) Would you like to know everything that went wrong? I will tell you point form because alot of shit went wrong. Also there will be a second list of all the things that my lovely mother in law decided to do/cause to go wrong. There are even more of those.

- The landscapers delayed coming to do the yard until like 2 weeks before the wedding. We laid turf the DAY OF the wedding.
- My aunt (who was supposed to do my hair) decided last minute not to come. Didn't tell me until 2 days before. Nice.
- The justice of the peace couldn't say my name correctly. It's Cynthia not Cythinia. How hard is that?
- My sister refused to let me pee before walking out because "we don't have time it's going to rain any second now" (I held it for 5 hours)
-A storm rolled in a half hour before the wedding. It rained and the Saskatchewan wind blew like crazy for the whole ceremony. It quit as soon as the ceremony was over.
- the wind blew over the arch we stood under just as the JP said I now pronounce you husband and wife.
- I just about fell down the stairs as I came out. Thankfully nobody but me and my dad noticed (my dress got caught in the railing)
- Because of the rain my hair went flat.
- During the reception one of the groomsmen took off to get high. We had to delay the speeches.
- My parents were so exhausted from everything(trying not to piss Adam's mom off, finishing the inside of their house and landscaping) they never really got to enjoy anything. My dad was so exhausted he literally collapsed at home that night.
- my husbands brother's now wife was calling me fat ugly bitch. (she denies this)
-someone crashed the wedding and tried to steal my veil
-between my dad, cousin and brothers giving away so many drink tickets we lost money on the toonie bar. Consequently they were all very drunk
- The hotel we booked at fucked up our reservation and had it for the night before and that night. So when we didn't show up the first night they gave the honeymoon suite away. They had no more rooms.
- There were no other rooms at any hotel except the crackhouse hotel. We stayed there, because I was not sharing a room on my wedding night with 5 other people. (all of my cousins were there)

Now for the things that happened courtesy of the mother in law from hell. Seriously the woman is seven levels of crazy. (sorry Adam, but it's true) And she HATES ME. And my family.
- She was upset that other people (my parents) knew before her we were engaged so,
- she refused to help with a guest list, then bitched when some random friend of hers wasn't invited.
- was VERY upset I never invited her to help me pick my dress.(I'm sorry I have my own mother)
- refused to make the bouquets for the parents and grandparents(it was beneath her)
-told someone that she felt she shouldn't have to pay for anything because my parents are rich enough why should she have to (so I never put her name on the invitations, and she never paid for anything)
-told my sister that she would help with the wedding shower then never did anything, and never even showed up
-the night before our wedding she told us "she doesn't understand how I make her son happy" and "most marriages don't make it to 10 years, so don't expect yours to" hmm she would know (married 3 times)
-got extremely intoxicated the morning of the wedding
-refused to smile in any picture I was in.
- she wore black as a statement.
- refused to be in the hall for our entrance and instead smoked outside and yelled and berated everyone she talked to the whole night.
-was trashing my family to EVERYONE she talked to. even my relatives
-pitched a fit to her own sister because heaven forbid she was talking to my parents.
-refused to do the welcome to the family speech. So I got her ex husband to.
-refused to let her sister and her family sit in the family section
-made Adam late for our first dance because she was yelling at him because..
-there were no pictures of his biological father (whom he met when he was 19) because she wouldn't give my sister any for the slideshow she made
-made my dad late for our dance because she was yelling
-called my mom a whore to my dad (which is funny considering...)
-called my sister a spoiled fucking bitch to my sisters boyfriend
-tried to fight my sister
-in turn I tried to get to her but noone would let me, apparently the bride should refrain from fist fighting. Who knew?
-threw a chair at a pregnant lady
-overturned tables, broke vases, and wrecked my cards from people
-punched her neice in the face and stomach
-threatened to kill her sister
-Adam told her very loudly to leave she told him to shut the fuck up even louder
-Her nephew escorted her out in a headlock
And once she was outside she threw her beer bottle at someone's car for good measure. We never heard from her for months, and she is still waiting for an apology from us about the way she was treated.

After hearing all this the guy looked at me and said "WOW! That would make a good book." To which I replied "Yeah but nobody would believe that this all actually happened." "Yeah you're probably right." he says.

However the people I talk to who were there say "the only thing that really matters is that you got married." And "you looked beautiful, and smiled the whole day." I now look at it this way: at least I will have an interesting story to tell for the rest of my life. However at the time if I had seen her I probably would've kicked the shit out of her. She'll be waiting for that apology for the rest of her life.

DISCLAIMER: this is technically not a picture of Adam on my blog because you cannot see his face. Not that he reads this anyway. So he says.

Also last December she got married to Adam's biological father. We weren't invited. I wonder if she was afraid of something? Revenge maybe? Because I sooo would've lowered myself for that.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Blogger doesn't hate me anymore!

So I don't think I've told you this, but I had decided that Blogger must hate me. My profile views was stuck at 95 for weeks(!), and I checked it everyday twice a day to see if it had went up. No, I'm not obsessive. I'm not. Don't look at me like that. And today, I checked it and it finally says more. You have no idea how excited that just made me. And I think I know the reason, this really awesome person linked to me from her totally cool blog. If I could figure out how to link to hers permanently I would(I'm slightly computer illiterate). Her blog is Go check it out. She is awesome. But I guess if I haven't told you this already, then I don't know you, and you probably came here from there. So, welcome. Please stay. I'll try to be funny. I make no promises though.

Another problem I had with blogger was that it never showed that I had updated on its little "blogs that updated this minute" page. I figure it's because my blog is not cool enough, and I don't have enough profile views. It's like being in high school all over again.
My mom is crazy ya'll, and the bitch crushed my chair too.

Cheap Bastards

So, the people who came to look at our house (3 Fucking times) finally made an offer. And it is a slap in the face. In case you don't know anything about my house here goes: 5 bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms, jacuzzi tub, fireplace, riverfront, fully fenced yard, hot tub, .18 of an acre, detatched garage, carport, oak kitchen cupboards and newer appliances. We are only asking 130,000. Which isn't that bad. And for some reason all the real estate prices are going up. They offered us 121,000. Because they'd like to factor into the price the fact thet they want to put in a wood stove. WTF! why should we pay for them to get wood heat? Thats fucking crazy. I think that because we are young they'd like to try and fuck us over. So I think if they don't come back with something more acceptable we will jack the price and list it with a real estate agent. They were all like well you know we have to figure out a way for this to be mutually aggreeable for us. Maybe if you guys took something you could come down in the price? Because you know we've looked at some houses that are going for like 80,000 (yeah crap with flooding basements) and that would be preferrable. But we really want this house. (so cough it up) Also they had an ad in the paper saying that they were looking to buy a house for 150,000 or less. So they have the money, they just think we're stupid.

Adam and I decided that if we took the hot tub we'd be willing to go down to 128,000. So we'll see. We're in no rush.

Friday, March 17, 2006

St. Patricks Day

So I have this friend (yes I have friends mom) who always sends me these quizzes. And I decided I am bored and have nothing better to do, so I will fill this out for your reading pleasure. Who knows you may just learn something new about me. Unless you are Sarah, in which case you know probably all of this already.

1. ONE OF YOUR SCARS, HOW DID YOU GET IT? I have a scar on my chin from the first time I rode a bike with no hands. I crashed into the side of my house and managed to hit chin first.
2. WHAT IS ON THE WALLS IN YOUR ROOM? Paint. Heehee. seriously though nothing.
3. WHAT DOES YOUR CELL PHONE LOOK LIKE? umm silver and pretty? Oh its a flip phone too.
4. WHAT MUSIC DO YOU LIKE TO LISTEN TO? bah, whatevers on. I'm too lazy to switch it usually, so sometimes really weird crap(like the chipmunks. shut up)
6. WHAT DO YOU WANT MORE THAN ANYTHING RIGHT NOW. For my house to sell so I don't have to clean it all the fucking time. Or to travel to Europe for two months so I can really settle down and start my life when I get back because I refuse to do have kids till I've done that.
7. WHAT DO YOU MISS? My family, friends(shut up I do too have friends), my bedroom at home(oh the closet space....)and also being a teenager (sometimes)
9. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SMELL? Nautica cologne, fresh laundry(not fun doing it but), baking and the smell of Costa Rica.
10. DO YOU GET CLAUSTROPHOBIC? I never used to think so until one day on my way home from Sarah's house I stopped at the cardlock gas staion to get gas, and had to pee. So I unlocked the bathroom with my card and went in. Only when I went to leave the door would not open and I started freaking the fuck out. I had also left the keys in my car so I was so afraid that it was gonna get stolen and that I would have to explain that to my dad. So yeah. I am
11. DO YOU GET SCARED IN THE DARK? Sometimes. I scare myself alot watching horror movies and then I can't sleep. Also my dogs would not help me if anyone broke in either while Adams at work. Sissy's.
12. WHO WAS THE LAST PERSON TO MAKE YOU CRY? Well Adam of course. Who else would make me cry? He told me he didn't like my hair red. Meanly.
13. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE COLOGNE / PERFUME? Cologne- Nautica Perfume- Poison by Dior
15. WHERE CAN YOU SEE YOURSELF BEING PROPOSED TO AT? nowhere, I'm already married. However my origional propsal was not what I had expected. In front of Adams work at 11pm by my car. no ring nothing. Oh well I picked that out the next day...
16. COFFEE OR ENERGY DRINKS? Energy drinks. My coffee needs too much sugar so it is unhealthy for me.
18. IF YOU COUD EAT ANYTHING RIGHT NOW, WHAT WOULD IT BE? my favourite pasta from the pasta factory in penticton. I have the recipe but its still not the same when you have to make it yourself.
19. WHO IS THE LAST PERSON YOU MADE MAD? Again, Adam. Who else? Why? Don't even remember.
20. DO YOU SPEAK A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE? No, but I would love to learn spanish, italian and french(they're all pretty close anyway why not learn them all)
21. WHAT WAS THE FIRST GIFT SOMEONE EVER GAVE YOU (OF THE OPPOSITE SEX, NOT FAMILY)? This is sad but in grade 10 my "boyfriend" Dallyn gave me some roses for our anniversary.
22. DO YOU LIKE ANYBODY? Like? Nah I'm a bitch. I hate everyone.
23. ARE YOU DOUBLE JOINTED? you bet. I can put my legs behind my head. Takes some warming up now, but still...oh my thumbs too.
24. WHAT'S YOUR DREAM CAR? I absolutely cannot wait for the new Dodge Challenger to come out because I want it like you wouldn't believe.
25. WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO TELL SOMEONE HOW MUCH THEY MEAN TO YOU? Buy them things(just kidding. mostly)
27. WHAT IS THE ONE NUMBER YOU CALL OFTEN? pathetic but my mom.
28. WHAT ANNOYS YOU MOST? People phoning me to wake me up in the morning with no purpose, just to wake me up. And plenty of other things, too many to list.
29. YOUR WEAKNESSES? Weaknesses? Moi? I have no weaknesses.
30. EVER DONE A PRANK CALL? Well of course I have.
31. IF YOU COULD GET PLASTIC SURGERY WHAT WOULD IT BE? Boobs or maybe something can be done for this JLo booty I've been sporting since I was 12.
32. WHAT DO YOU GET COMPLIMENTED ABOUT MOST? Compliwhat? What the fuck is that? Seriously though? For being so mature and grown up for my age. Lame I know, but there are alot of fuck ups around here that make me look good.
33. WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF ALCOHOL BECAME ILLEGAL? Be soo out of a job. Both me and Adam. Then I would start brewing in my basement.
34. WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY? a new tattoo, a trip to europe, a new house, oh the list goes on and on.
36. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? My fucking sisters doll.
37. DO YOU WISH ON STARS? Yeah, the shooting ones
38. ANY BAD HABITS? Nope, I'm perfect. (lazy, procrastinator, messy)
41. HAVE YOU EVER TOLD A SECRET YOU SWORE NOT TO TELL? Yeah, like this one time Sarah told me....JK
42. DO LOOKS MATTER? At first, definately but after a while not so much. You start to see past things.
43. HOW DO YOU RELEASE ANGER? Yell,cry, blog. Never break things. You eventually have to clean it up anyway.
44. WHERE IS YOUR SECOND HOME? My parents house
45. DO YOU TRUST OTHERS EASILY? yes, but I know that I shouldn't
46. WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE TOY AS A CHILD? I had this doll that when you laid it down it would cry. After a while it would only cry if you shook it. Not the best thing to teach a future mother oh well.
47. DO YOU USE SARCASM? Sarcasm? Never.
48. WHAT ARE YOUR NICKNAMES? If you don't know them then I most certainly am not telling you. But I do have quite a few.
50. ARE YOU A CAT OR DOG PERSON? Both, but my cat likes me better than the dogs, and he doesnt eat my shoes so....
52. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? nothing, stupid cd just quit.
55. FAVORITE THOUGHT PROVOKING SONG: 3 doors down, here without you or the michelle branch song we had a run in with the law to.
56. FAVORITE THING TO HATE? I honestly cannot think of anything
57. FAVORITE MONTH? July or August cuse they are so warm.
58. LAST THING YOU WATCHED? ER on thursday.
59. FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR? I'll go for July 31st cause it's my wedding anniversary.
60. ARE YOU TOO SHY TO ASK SOMEONE OUT? No, I'm too married to ask someone out.
63. IS ANYONE IN LOVE WITH YOU? I should hope so.
64. IS THERE ANYTHING THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO TELL/ASK SOMEONE (of the opposite sex) RIGHT NOW? You cheap fucker I am not living in a trailer, so fucking get that idea out of your head.
65. WHAT DRIVES YOU NUTS ABOUT THE OPPOSITE SEX? They don't understand the things that are most important to us, and they always think they are right, even when they obviously are not.
67. DOES AN EX-LOVER EVER CROSS YOUR MIND? Yeah, but never anything like oh I wonder if he still loves me, more like I wonder how fat he is now?

And in case that wasn't enough about me for you here's more....cause I am that bored.

Time started: 10:31
Full Name: Cynthia Anne Prettyfish
Nickname: see above
Single or Taken: Taken
Sex: Female
Birthday: November 16th
Hair colour: naturally dirty blonde, right now red
Eye colour: crappy stupid brown
Shoe size: 7
Height: 5"7
What are you wearing right now: my pyjamas.
Where do you live: Asscrap village
Righty or lefty: righty
Any pets: 2 dogs, and a cat
Can you make a dollar in change right now: in my purse yes. I get tipped for selling booze in a liquor store.
Who are your closest friends? Sarah, Michelle and Ashallee
Best place to go for a date: here? pick a bar any bar that's all there is
Fav romantic memory: Slow dancing with Adam in the headlights of his truck in my driveway.
Favorite type of pants: comfy fleece ones.
fav. Colour: Deep red
fav. Number: 8
Food: a good steak or pasta
Boys name: Darian Tyler or Tristan James
Girls name: Emilie Marie or Aurora Evelyn
Subject in school: Psychology withLink
Animal: anthing baby
Drink: Coke or Alcohol wise- Sourpuss and sev
Celebrity: Colin Farrell BABY
Sports: hockey
Veggie: sadly its brussell sprouts
Fruit: raspberries
Fast food place: McDonalds
Place to visit: Europe anywhere, not that I've been there but...
Month: July or August
Bands: 3 doors down are always good
Movie: Dirty Dancing or Notebook
Ice Cream: Vanilla
Perfume: Poison by Dior
Cartoon character: Sadly that is a hard question for me as I love cartoons alot.
Have you ever------------------------------------------->>
given anyone a bath: no
Smoked: yes
Bungee jumped: no
Broken the law: why are you a cop?
Made yourself throw-up?: only when i drank to much and needed to feel better
Went skinny dipping: yas I have
Been in the opposite sex's washroom: yeah ladies line is too long when you've had too many to drink.
Eaten a dog biscuit: no ewww
Put your tongue on a frozen pole: nope
Broken a bone: my collar bone when I was 6 years old. Had to stay on the hill with it for the whole day. stupid bitchy teacher
Played truth or dare: yupp who hasn't?
Been in a physical fight: yes, well sorta. I tried to but a helpful person carried me away. apparently she had no confidence in my fighting abilities.
Been in a police car: yes, however I was in the front unlike someone else I know...
Been on a plane: yes.
Come close to dying: I think so, but then again I'm melodramatic.
Been in a sauna: yeah
Been in a hot tub: yeah
Swam in the ocean: yeah, its not as much fun as you'd think. It's quite salty.
Fallen asleep in school: of course
Kissed your cousin: yeah but I was like 4 and he was my best friend and I seen him once a year. i got very upset when we had to leave.
Ran away: yeah, funny enough, up the street to the catholic church. Marie and I were sure we'd never be found there. However if you come home for food all the time it loses the effect.
Broken someone's heart: no I don't think so
Cried when someone died: yeah im not heartless
Wanted someone: YES
Flashed someone: haha yea.
Lied: yeah
Cried in school: yes
Laughed so hard you fell off your chair: YAH !!
Sat by the phone all night waiting for a call: no
saved MSN conversations: no
Saved e-mails: YES
Wished you were someone else:I used to wish I was Marie all the time
Wished you were a member of the opposite sex: no
Fallen for your best friend?: Yeah but he was a guy
Made out with JUST a friend?: yes
Been rejected: quite frequently
Been in love?: yah
Done something you regret?: sure
FIRST THING THAT COMES TO MIND---------------------------->>
Red: blood
Blue: sky
Autumn: fuck cold
What Is ------------------------------------------>>
Your good luck charm: don't have one
Stupidest thing you have ever done: nothing I'm gonna tell you
Describe ur crush or gf or b/f: COLIN FARRELL! need I say more?
Last thing you ate/drank: strawberry kiwi crystal light
Shampoo you use: silk therapy
Have You Ever Had ------------------------------------------>>
Chicken pox: yea
Sore Throat: yea
Cold: yea, i got it when I was 3 and it hasn't ever went away
stiches: twice
Bloody nose: yes
Surgery: yes
Do you ------------------------------------------>>
Believe in love at first sight: no
Enjoy parks: yup
Like picnics: yup
Like school: nope
Hate anyone: yes and I refuse to say her name because younever know
Would You ------------------------------------------>>
Eat a live hamster for $1,000,000:I could never do it
Go to a hanson consert if you had a free ticket: Sadly if I had nothing better to do
Kill someone you didn't know for 15 billion dollars: heck yeah does that make me a bad person?
If you were stuck on an island, what person would you want with you:Colin Farrell I mean Adam
Who is the last person that called you: my mommy
last person you slow danced with: Adam
Makes you laugh the most: Adam
Makes you smile: Adam, Sarah and my mom
what can make you feel better no matter what:i don't know
who has a crush on you: a couple people I know of for sure. I'm the hottest girl in Asscrap Village. So I've been told.
the last person
you touched?: Adam
You hugged? Adam
You Kissed?: adam
yelled at: Adam
Who told you they loved you: Adam
Do you like filling these out: well I have nothing better to do
Do you wear contacts or glasses: I have glasses, but don't wear them. ever.
Do you get along with your family: yep
Do you do drugs: no
Stolen anything over $50: no
Obsessive? no
Anorexic? No, have been accused though in high school. by a teacher
Final Questions ------------------------------------------>>
What are you listening to right now: fishing in the dark (damn random)What makes you happy: Adam, friends and my pets and family of course
What do you like to do: watch tv, read and blog
What did you do yesterday?: worked, cleaned a little and slept in
Career: esthetician, but I am going to take a course in Nursing Unit Clerk
Got any awards: no, I suck at everything
What are you most scared of: never travelling
What car do you wish to have: Dodge Challenger
If you could change anything about yourself what would you change? weight
What was your first car: 91 Doge Daytona
Vegetarian: no way
Good driver: of course, just ask the deer
Good actor/actress: president of the drama club in high school, so yeah I think so
good dancer:as long as I am drunk and so is everyone watching me
Good storyteller: sure
Have a lava lamp:used to
How many remote comtrols are in your house: 8 billion
What do you dream about: travelling
Last time you showered: this moring
The last movie you saw at the theatres: King Kong, i think
Either Or ------------------------------------------>>
Night or Day: night
sun or Rain: sun
Scary or happy movies: whatever
Chocolate or white milk: Chocolate
root beer or Dr.Pepper: dr.pepper
Mud or Jell-O wrestling: jello less dirt
better at talking or listener: depends who it is with
Vanilla or chocolate: vanilla
Skiing or Boarding: neither
summer or winter: summer
Cake or Pie: mm depends
Silver or Gold: platinum HAHA
Diamond or pearl: diamond
Sunset or Sunrise: sunset
Coke or Pepsi: MMM Coke
Sprite or 7up: sprite
Pants or shorts: pants, stupid thighs
Phone or in person: in person, i hate phones
Oldest, middle, youngest or only child: Middle forgotten one
Fill Out (for girls ONLY)----------------------------->>>
Boxers or briefs: boxer briefs
younger, same age: older
Tall or short: tall
Good or bad guy: a lil of both
Ear peirced or not: not
stubble or neatly shaved: neatly shaved, I have sensitive skin
Studley or cute: studley.. duh i dont want no panty man
Dark or blonde hair: dark
Curly or straight hair: straight
Eye Colour: wahtever
long or short hair: short
Tan or fair: tan
Freckles: nah
Foriegn accent or Canadian: foriegn's hott, mmmm irish
six pack: mmmm
muscular arms: yup
Jewelery or none: no
What do you like the most in a guy:sense of humour
So know you know Everything you could ever want to know about me. Hello. Helloooo. Anyone still here? Didn't think so
Oh well I killed like an hour doing this crap.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


So we got a phone call today (8:45am fuckers) from the people who have been looking at our house. They are coming back on Saturday again and possibly will be making an offer. So I have to fucking clean the house again. I'm really getting sick of this shit. If I have to do one more load of fucking laundry I will break the machine. Also hanging up your clothes is bullshit. You just wear them again and then they wind up in a pile on the floor. What's the damn point? Maybe I'm just lazy. heehee.

So the 8:45 phone call was especially annoying because Adam and I have been staying up till 3am because neither of us can fall asleep right after work. Stupid evening shifts.

Also I've been trying to convince Adam that we should also buy a house in Turkey, because they are cheap and nice and having a summer home would be fuckin awesome. But the chances they are slim, because not only is he cheap, he doesn't like to travel. Have youever seenthe Everybody loves Raymond where they go to Italy? Ray spends the whole time bitching and complaining because nothing is like at home. That would be Adam.

My family is safely back from Cuba now (Fuckers) and the first thing my mom tells me is how Dad and Zak spent the whole time bitching cause it just wasn't right without Adam. WTF! Thanks alot. Nobody missed me though. Just goes to show how my family really feels about me. Well, no its not that bad but still....

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mom, nooooo!

So about a year ago I was back home visiting my family. My mom and I were at their business up in the office listening to the radio. The crappy radio station had been playing short quick clips of songs all by the same artist who was coming to town for a concert.

Me: "Ooh I know, that's 50 Cent." I say to her and she looks at me and smiles.

About an hour later they finally announce for sure who it was coming to town and I was right (of course).

She looks at me and says "Oh, that Fiddy cent guy. He's black ya know." It's funny too cause she actually said Fiddy not Fifty.)

I just about fell over I was laughing so hard. She didn't mean anything by it, she's not racist at all. She just honestly thought that maybe I didn't know. Because maybe, just maybe the gangster rap didn't give it away.

So now everytime one of his songs plays on the radio or we just feel like bugging her someone deadpans out of nowhere "He's black ya know." Or the time she said something about the american christmas. As though it was a different date than ours. She meant american thanksgiving. But that's not the point. "So, how much longer till the americans celebrate christmas?" This is funniest when asked on christmas. But anytime will do.

Oh mom, how I miss you....

Monday, March 13, 2006

Isn't it pretty?

So this is my first ever angel food cake. That I made, all by myself. With whipped cream from scratch and strawberries. Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker aint got shit on me. Just don't notice that I quit pulling down the wallpaper before I got it all off. It was wrecking my nails dammit.

Oh and in case anyone cares the people who came to look at my house on Saturday looooved it even more this time and they took lots of pictures. And complimented my kitchen table and that made me immensely happy. Because my table? Is my pride and joy. So hopefully they will buy my house. So I can buy a new one. One with central heat. Anyhow gotta go sell the booze to the drunks now.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Conversations with Adam

So last night I had a bad dream that Adam died of brain cancer. It was horrible and sad. So I woke him up to tell him what I dreamed and that I was upset.

Me "Honey, I just had a bad dream. I dreamt you died of brain cancer."

Adam "Oh don't worry about that honey, don't you have to have a brain to die of brain cancer?"

After I stopped giggling I felt much better.


"Honey, am I still not allowed to post pictures of you on my blog?"

"No. I don't want you using my name either. Refer to me as Big A from now on."

(Big A is actually a nickname of his. That he made up one year, and signed all his xmas presents like that, my dad thought it was so funny. Everyone still calls him that)


"So do you write about me in your blog?"

"Sometimes. You just do some of the stupidest things I just have to write about it."

"Well you know, thats why I do stupid things. So you have something to write about."

"Uh-huh" Rolls eyes and walks away.


"Get up Cindy, get uuuuuuuup! You can't sleep anymore anyway."

"Well I definitely can't sleep with you jumping on the fucking bed like Peter Pan, now go away."

"I'm Peter. Peter Pan." (in a horrible british accent)

Throws pillows at him. "You're lucky I don't have anything heavy to throw at you."

"Eh, you wouldn't hit me anyway. Your aim sucks."


These are all things he's said or done today. Can you imagine what it must be like for me to live with him? Everyday, always just like this. Is it any wonder I'm a little crazy?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What did I do?

Um, so I don't know what I was thinking. I posted a comment over at someone else's blog and now I am afraid that people will come over here to check out the crazy person's site cause I kinda told people to Fuck off (but nicely) if they were just gonna bitch about her spelling. So now I'm afraid I have to put something witty here so maybe they will stay to read the crazy. But, again I don't do well with pressure and I have nothing funny, witty or all that interesting to say today. Fuck! And the skidoo entry wasn't really all that great. Read the drunk post it was funny in a conjointed senseless way. Or the one about my addiction.

So I guess I'll tell you about the anxiety/nervous excitement I have because the people who came to look at our house on Saturday called yesterday. But we weren't here. We were working. So now I'm hoping that they will call back before Adam goes to work. Before they left -after looking at our house, they told us we were on the A list. You have no idea how excited that made me, I've never been on an A list before in my life. For anything. I'm the perfect example of mediocrity in every way. But I hope they buy it. Then we will move and I will get to pick out a new house (not a trailer Sarah, much as it would probably be funny). Because that is fun.

Adam is going away next weekend for a skidoo rally, so I will be all alone for two whole days. Yippee! I will be spending my weekend doing laundry. And maybe packing(a-fuckin-gain). MMMM and sleeping in! Adam is the most freakishly annoying, happy, morning person. I want to kill him for it.

So there is this girl whom I kinda already hate, but pretend to be nice to because, well I don't know. Anyway I gave her gel nails the other day for free, for some stupid reason, and now she's bitching about them. Oh they hurt my nails when they catch something and pull back (well DUH! natural nails do too) and they just feel weird. Well I guess if you don't even try to get used to them it will never get better. So today she asks me how to take them off and I tell her you will have to file them off, and she doesn't believe me. Hi! I am an esthetician, I know what I am talking about. Acetone is NOT the way to take off gel nails. So, I hope she royally fucks up her nails. Bitch.

Anyway that is all I know for today, I apparently fell on my ass for the whole witty, funny, intelligent post I was hoping for. But the pressure it kills my creative funny-ness every time. But LOOK! Be distracted by the french kissing dogs! Caesar: "I am weak! I'm so sorry Katie."
Jenny: "Shut up and kiss me, Bitch"

Monday, March 06, 2006

Help! I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!

So this Sat. I did something so out of character for me, that you will almost not believe it. Adam dragged me ski-dooing. We went up a hill called the three sisters. And it was even mildly fun. Which is high praise for me. But now I'm paying for it. My body hurts everywhere. I got up on Sun. for work and almost crawled back into bed. Muscles I didn't even remember I had were screaming in pain (And they were screaming Fuck you Bitch). But at least Adam was sooo very happy that I went with him. I wasn't much good to him though, when we would get stuck. I was carrying so much weight in the backpack that I could barely move. It was full of beer. You know the important things. Good thing there were others along to help him cause I would just roll off the back and lay there until the problem was solved and someone would help me up.

Anyway, that's about all I know for now. Just figured I'd better update before people started to wonder if I was alive. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Thursday, March 02, 2006


HI y'all. I am DRUNK. It is 2 am and I have been fed free drinks alllllll night. Well since 11pm anyway. when I got off work. I just got home. Clock says it's 2:20. (where did those 20 mins go? Oh right I gave Pony a ride home. And there was a skunk!) And I know I am going to be siiiiiiick tomorrow. I have to spend the whole day(my one day off) cleaning the house because we have someone coming to look at the house on sat. Early too. Fuckers. I got hit on by a guy tonight. A guy with an identical twin. Who also thought I was hot. Second guys girlfriend thought I was hot too. Which was weird. They wanted me to have a foursome (hi Adam, even though you say you don't read this). Which was even weirder. But I am a good married woman. Although I am very drunk for free. But free from the bar not the twins. Anyway, pleases leave me comments for they make me feel special (hi Ashallee my regular commenter). Anyway I think I need to sleep now. but first I will get some water. Peace out bitches. (I love me some bitches). Kisses. Cindy.


So today I don't really feel that bad. Not too hungover, but I haven't exactly done anything yet. ....maybe I should get on that. meh. I also woke up this morning to a present from my dogs. They ripped up another fucking blanket. A good one too.

Maybe you guys should not let me drunk blog anymore. I say stupid things. I also don't think I know what is illegal about line four? And yes there was a skunk outside pony's house, but I never got to see it because it moved too quick and I was drunk. Anyhoo...peace out.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


So next week my mom, dad, Marie and Zak are leaving for Cuba. They are going for Zak's sisters wedding. And at this point I will mention we could have gone. If Adam weren't so cheap. So that's a pretty big IF. But recently he was told how much it would've cost for both of us to go ($2200.00 all inclusive. In Cuuuubaaaa). He looked at me and said "why aren't we going?" He also thinks we weren't invited. While having this conversation with him I did resist the urge to punch him in the face. Barely. I think he does this to me on purpose. He knows how much I want to travel, he does not, so I think he waits until it's too late to go and then says things like we should've went too. It's all a big fucking conspiracy.