Friday, April 07, 2006

Is 9:30 Too Early?

I am soo tired and I want to go to bed sooo badly, but I know if I do, I will be wide awake at like 4 am.

The reason I am so tired is because I had to work today (gasp) during the day. I am not a morning person. It also didn't help that when Adam got home this morning from work, it was an hour before I had to get up. So he woke me up. Then crawls into bed and tries to get some.
"honey, ya know what I'm thinking?"
"You even think it for one more second and I will rip it off!"
So, he rolled over and I tried to get that elusive last half an hour of sleep. I succeded until the alarm went off. Adam fumbles with the alarm clock and hits snooze. Gets up, goes to the bathroom, comes back to bed and SHUTS THE ALARM OFF! Okay, so apparently I am now getting up.

Not getting my extra nine minutes of snooze time really threw off my whole day. I was really bitchy and wanted to kill every drunken idiot who came in for booze. Seriously, does a liquor store really need to be open at nine am? Isn't that a bit much? I think so, but I don't really drink much. So what do I know.

I think maybe I will just drink a neo citron before I go to bed. That should put me out nicely.

Also I still haven't received my clothes that I ordered from Victoria's Secret. I am upset. What is the point in paying extra for fast delivery if you don't receive your clothes that week? No I never ordered any more bathing suits in case anyone is wondering, mostly because I ordered the clothes BEFORE I received the catalogue. I needed more(okay so I really mean just new) clothes (rolls eyes, yeah sure you do) before I needed another bathing suit. See? Self restraint. So there. I am not obsessive compulsive. Mostly.

Anyway, now it's 10pm so I will waste a half hour looking at houses online and then I am so going to bed. (this will be my first time to bed before 2am in over a month)

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  1. Hey!
    I am so with you on the not-a-morning person thing. Even five more minutes makes all the difference. What, out of curiousty, do you buy from Victoria Secrets (maybe that's too personal?) It's just that I'm in the states now and I see Victoria secrets all over the place, but they're always so big and with so much stuff! Hopefully you hjad a nice weekend! (Relaxing? Right.)