Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rainy Days...

So in January Hubby and I went to Mexico for a week for our "belated honeymoon". It wasn't actually our honeymoon, but it was in the sense that this was the first trip we had taken together since we got married. (Except Jamaica, but 8 Mos pregnant on vacation doesn't count)

We decided to leave Tristan in Saskatchewan with the parents (WHOLE OTHER STORY!). We had fun, really, but we missed him sooooo badly. More so because the resort we went to was so family oriented and was totally kid friendly. Next time we will bring him for sure.

We had planned this trip with another couple over a year ago, so when it finally was time to go it was really exciting. They got there two days before us because we couldn`t get work schedules to line up. They got sunshine those wo days. However as soon as we got there the clouds and wind rolled in and seriously, didn`t let up until THE MORNING WE LEFT! Seriously, we were sitting in the airport and as the sun came out (we left our hotel at 4AM to get to airport for our 8 am flight)the day dawned bright and clear and fucking gorgeous. I was so pissed I was coming back to Canada without a tan.

It wasn`t all bad because before we left at christmas time, my friend phoned me and told me she was going to get married while we were there. SO MUCH FUN!!! I was stoked, we were gonna get so drunk and have so much fun making up for sober Jamaica. THEN, when I get there, she informs me she can`t drink, she`s three months pregnant. Again, so happy for her. Bummed for me though. But it was alright, I drank with the guys when I felt like it. It seriously rained the day of her wedding, so we were scared she wasn`t gonna be able to get married on the beach. But all was fine.

We did still have fun, we went on a pirate cruise, and went to Coba and climbed the pyramid thingy, and went zip-lining, kayaking, rappelling, and cave swimming. It was actually kinda fun. Anway, this post is getting kinda long, so I will continue to tell the individual stories of things throughout the week. With pictures.

And also with a warning as to why you should never practice archery while sober! For serious.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


So we got from Sears today, my sons new big boy bed. It is the twin size Fisher Price Lightning McQueen car bed. He loves it soo much now, it ridiculous.

Setting it up though, sucked the life out of me.

Well, that comes off wrong. Setting it up was fine. It was easy. Setting it up with my husband; was hell. I dont understand sometimes how we can be married for almost 5 years and I haven't killed him, chopped him up in a wood chipper, and fed him to some pigs (I don't have pigs, but I'd find some...). First he was pissy because it was plastic. Don't know why, but he thought it was going to be wood. So, strike one against fun afternoon. Then he was upset because the crib was still in the room so we didn't have much room to work with. Whatever, I wasnt going to just have the crib disappear on T-baby. I wanted to give him a grace period of getting used to it before I removed his regular sleep spot. Also part lazy because if he REFUSED to sleep in it I wasnt going to re-set up his crib. Strike two, things didn't go his way. Strike three was just that T-baby cried from our bedroom the whole time instead of sleeping. So we were both slightly on edge. We aren't used to him crying for any period of time, he's usually a very co-operative baby.

So then when we first brought in T-baby, he wan't really that impressed. He was cranky. But then he warmed up to it and was jumping on the bed. However by that time I had ranked this experience a giant FAIL and was in a bad mood because the male folk ruined my excitement.

But this is still pretty awesome...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Revenge is a dish best served cold...

So as I mentioned yesterday I had originally been royally pissed off at an author named Rebecca.

She and I had met in Calgary, after we had been discussing my mother in law and her shennanigans at my wedding through our blogs. Go back and follow the threads, you'll see what I mean. It actually started with her commenting on how my wedding was unbelievably ruined by my MIL, and that it would make a good book.

So I emailed her back asking if she knew the best way to go about getting a book published, and she offered to help write the book with me. I was so happy I cried. I have NEVER cried out of happiness, before or since and I have since had a kid. Judge me if you will, but I was unbelievably happy. So we continued to email each other, and she gave me the guidelines for writing a successful book proposal, as per her agent.

Joyously I wrote it all, and we conferred on things like book titles, and possible chapter headings. She told me not to tell anyone about it, because someone might find out our idea and steal it from us. That should have been my first warning flag. I went along with it. When we finally met in Calgary, I had completed the book proposal and gave the finished copy of it to her. When I returned home, I went to her blog and saw that she had written a post about our meeting, and this should have set alarms off in my head, but again I stupidly trusted her. Listening to her talk and how cavalier she was about the meeting, and about how she thought I might have been a crazy person, so she wanted to meet in public. I was fairly disappointed and wondered why she would portray me as some sort of fan-girl she obliged by meeting up with. Because she was discrediting me to anyone from the publishing world who might have been reading. That's what I think anyway. Call me crazy if you want, but that's what I think.

Anyway, so I waited. And waited and waited. And never heard anything from her for a while. So I pestered her with emails until she responded. And it wasn't good news for me. Her agent loved the idea of a book on inlaws, but apparently she was under contract to not write anything with another author, because I was an unknown. It made sense to me at the time, but now just sounds pathetic. To make things worse, she told me that she would continue shopping it around if it was ok with me, and if anything came of it, I would be asked to write a foreword to it. Might not be paid much, but would help me get my foot in the door of the publishing world. Of course I eagerly said yes, anything to help me get started as an author.

She took my permission and ran with it. I haven't heard from her since, and this was like three years ago. I guess you could say that maybe nobody bought into the idea, and she just moved on to other things. True, and she probably did since nothing has come out with her name on it about inlaws. However, it might just be that she has since split with her fiancee and maybe, a book on inlaws from someone who has no inlaws might be redundant. And hilarious.

I still have all the email correspondence between the two of us. My mom, the ever trusting soul that she is (haha) warned me that maybe I should still keep everything from her, just in case I got screwed. Glad I took moms advice this time.

Guess which "famous" author named Rebecca this is, and I will inform you if you are correct. That's your prize, I hope that's enough, because obviously I am not a published author, therefore I am not swimming in money to hand out. I basically gave up writing after the reality of being screwed over sank in. But still dream of it occasionally... maybe one day I'll start again.

Now how to get the word out to those in the right places so maybe she will never do this again?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ok, ok, I know I haven't posted in almost two years now, so I realize that I am officially talking to myself on a public forum. Which is fine. If I think nobody is listening I am probably more inclined to say what I really think. Unless I dont know you, in which case feel free to comment, I am still a comment whore.

Hmmmmm, where to start? Not much is new, my son is now almost two, and I live somewhere else. But I wont tell you where.

He doesnt really talk much, and we have an appointment with a speech pathologist in a few weeks. I'm not really worried per se, but I think that it can't really hurt anything to have an evaluation. Right? I mean I know, all kids talk at their own pace and I didnt really talk until I was 4 but I guess I am neurotic, so he will be evaluated. At worst it will be a day spent playing in an office with some new toys. Can't be that bad.

He really is the cutest kid ever if I must say so myself. I am almost ready to start trying for another kid. But I have a friend who has been trying for over a year now and if I were to get pregnant I think she would push me down the stairs. For reals. She is trying to get her doctor to prescribe her some fertility pills, but so far hasnt workd for her. Her Dr told her she needed to lose around 10-15lbs which I think is ridiculous. She's not overweight by any stretch of the imagination.

Which then leads me to admitting that if she DOES get fertility pills I want to buy a cycle off of her. Because my husband only wants one more kid, and I want two. I also want a girl badly, so this increases my chances of getting what I want. If I have twins, one is sure to be a girl right? JK. I know that having twins doesnt increase my chances of having a girl any more than being pregnant twice does. A girl can dream can't she?

Anyhow, my last post was referencing a "famous" author named Rebecca. Figure it out. Write me a comment if you want to know what she did. If two people comment me I will inform the world what was done to me.