Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Adam and I put in an offer on a house today and was basically accepted so now I will be moving to Creston in about a month.

Don't ask me about the house, cause I don't really want to talk about it yet. It's not everything I had wanted because we can't afford my tates. But it's close. I will tell you more about it, maybe, when I get over the crushing realization that we aren't rich enough to afford what we (okay I) wanted.

At least it's not the trailer (although Adam put an offer in on it and they weren't willing to come down at all so yay!). So I feel better about that. But I'm not totally ok yet.


  1. Come on Cindy it can't be to bad. Tell me about this new home.....I'm dying to hear. Plus it's only one house, and you don't have to live there your whole life.....Plus you could apply for the "while you were out" show and see what they can do. Plus it might be fun to paint it up and make it look pretty. Plus nothing is funner than accessorizing. After all it's not the box you live in it's what you buy to make it look pretty!!!!Just another excuse to buy nice things....

  2. Tootsie1:36 PM

    I agree! Heck - look at the place that Todd and I lived in in Pen! I just about cried when we LOOKED at it let alone moved in!!! But then after a while - I thought that if we had stayed I coulda really fixed it up nice. And that was a RENTAL! I can only IMAGINE what I could come up with if I OWNED a house. Case and point - the place we live in now. Youve never seen it - but its NICE and Ive still done alot to it!

  3. I love, love love the blue. It's very dreamy.

    and I want to hear about your home too! Think of it as a project. You should be proud that you own something!

    And I truly believe it's not the house, but the people inside. One of my best friends, a single mom, who basically got herself and her child off of welfare, managed to work and save and buy a house. It's not a great house, and it needs so much work, but I tell you, I always have the BEST time going over there.

    I swear, I've been there four or five dozen times, and I've always had the best time....it has nothing really to do with the house, but my great friend and her son in it.

    Tell me about the house!