Friday, March 24, 2006

You know you live in a small town when

It's days like this I wish I brought my camera to work with me.

This morning at work, a girl came to the door and asked if I had seen the car outside on the sidewalk. HUH? So I went outside to see it, and it looked as though the car tried to make the sidewalk a parking lot. Now I don't know why she drove up onto the sidewalk(maybe she was drunk) but what was funny was that in the hour that this took place the ambulance showed up 20 mins after the cop (Hopefully she wasn't hurt), the tow truck was 5 minutes after that (lights blaring*) and every single person in town drove or walked by to see the accident. I mean it was almost jammed up enough out there to warrant trafic control. Which is funny in a town of 24 people. (ok so there is like 1500 but whatever) And every old man made the same joke "looks like she tried to make it a drive thru", after a while it wasn't funny anymore.

What was funny was that when the tow truck hooked up to the vehicle, it was still touching the other car that it had hit. Now for those of you that don't know, my parents own a towing company, so I know about towing. As I'm standing there I suggest that maybe they should move the other vehicle so as not to damage it further. The truck driver looks at me with the look on his face as if to say "what do you know". The owner of the vehicle sees the wisdom of this idea and moves his car forward, thereby eliminating the possibility of further damage.

* The fact that the tow truck had his lights on for no reason annoyed the hell out of me. Because if you use those lights all the time for no purpose then people will stop paying attention to them when you have them on on the side of the road. And that is no good because more tow truck drivers are killed every year roadside than policemen, construction workers and ambulance drivers. And for some reason it is also not law to force drivers to slow down when they pass them working on the side of the road. Okay I am done my rant now.


  1. Ashallee6:27 PM

    Hey thank you, Iknew I could come here and find something out haha. My parents seen the cops, and stuff, and asked me I was like uh, no Lets go to CIndys blog hahahah.

  2. i really think if you could get like 100 mothers to share their worst in-law stories, you could make a book out of could have situations and how to deal with would be great...i'd buy it!

  3. Tootsie10:48 AM

    Actually Cind, you know they HAVE made a new law about slowing down when there are emergancy vehicles with lights on on the side of the road, towing trucks included!! (Well in Alberta anyways.. dont know about the rest of Canada.) In fact you can get a REALLY hefty fine if you DONT slow down to 60kmph, on the highway anyways. Some woman here in Cowtown was fined like $350 bucks for not slowing down when passing a tow truck!!! (This just came into effect this year)

  4. Well I know for a fact that it is not a law in Saskatchewan because I remember how mad my dad was when they turned it down. In BC though I'm actually not sure but anyway... it's still not a good idea to have the lights on for no reason.