Thursday, March 16, 2006


So we got a phone call today (8:45am fuckers) from the people who have been looking at our house. They are coming back on Saturday again and possibly will be making an offer. So I have to fucking clean the house again. I'm really getting sick of this shit. If I have to do one more load of fucking laundry I will break the machine. Also hanging up your clothes is bullshit. You just wear them again and then they wind up in a pile on the floor. What's the damn point? Maybe I'm just lazy. heehee.

So the 8:45 phone call was especially annoying because Adam and I have been staying up till 3am because neither of us can fall asleep right after work. Stupid evening shifts.

Also I've been trying to convince Adam that we should also buy a house in Turkey, because they are cheap and nice and having a summer home would be fuckin awesome. But the chances they are slim, because not only is he cheap, he doesn't like to travel. Have youever seenthe Everybody loves Raymond where they go to Italy? Ray spends the whole time bitching and complaining because nothing is like at home. That would be Adam.

My family is safely back from Cuba now (Fuckers) and the first thing my mom tells me is how Dad and Zak spent the whole time bitching cause it just wasn't right without Adam. WTF! Thanks alot. Nobody missed me though. Just goes to show how my family really feels about me. Well, no its not that bad but still....


  1. Sarah6:10 AM

    I dare you to show the house dirty and say "we just wanted you to have the opportunity to see the house dirty"
    It would be worth it so see the look on their faces.
    Do you get to take the hot tub?

  2. Anonymous8:11 PM

    went to turkey, loved it... would def have a summer house there...

    yes, I just came from 9 lb dictator.. :)