Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cheap Bastards

So, the people who came to look at our house (3 Fucking times) finally made an offer. And it is a slap in the face. In case you don't know anything about my house here goes: 5 bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms, jacuzzi tub, fireplace, riverfront, fully fenced yard, hot tub, .18 of an acre, detatched garage, carport, oak kitchen cupboards and newer appliances. We are only asking 130,000. Which isn't that bad. And for some reason all the real estate prices are going up. They offered us 121,000. Because they'd like to factor into the price the fact thet they want to put in a wood stove. WTF! why should we pay for them to get wood heat? Thats fucking crazy. I think that because we are young they'd like to try and fuck us over. So I think if they don't come back with something more acceptable we will jack the price and list it with a real estate agent. They were all like well you know we have to figure out a way for this to be mutually aggreeable for us. Maybe if you guys took something you could come down in the price? Because you know we've looked at some houses that are going for like 80,000 (yeah crap with flooding basements) and that would be preferrable. But we really want this house. (so cough it up) Also they had an ad in the paper saying that they were looking to buy a house for 150,000 or less. So they have the money, they just think we're stupid.

Adam and I decided that if we took the hot tub we'd be willing to go down to 128,000. So we'll see. We're in no rush.

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  1. That is what happened with our other house. You didnt really see it, but it was BIG. I dont feel like describing it, but it was appraised (is that right, appraisal... something like that) at 198,000 or something, yes, around there, someone offered us 121,000 like yours. My dad was like, FUCK YOU, and hung up. Hahaha. But we ended up going to get rid of it... My parents werent to fond of realstate people because not too many people liked going through them, so when we put it up forsale by owners, we got lots more phone calls...
    But yes, dont move yet! Hahaha. How about, Adam can have his trailor, and you come with me, I dont live in the house, I have a big room, we can share it. Ill put a piece of tape in the center of the room. Anyhow, Im a bit nausious ( I CANT SPELLL DAMMMIT) from the "juice" last night. So Im going to have a cat nap.. I might come see you at work. Jeeze long enough comment eh. OH go to my journal, and do that random thing thing. You'll see..