Thursday, March 09, 2006

Conversations with Adam

So last night I had a bad dream that Adam died of brain cancer. It was horrible and sad. So I woke him up to tell him what I dreamed and that I was upset.

Me "Honey, I just had a bad dream. I dreamt you died of brain cancer."

Adam "Oh don't worry about that honey, don't you have to have a brain to die of brain cancer?"

After I stopped giggling I felt much better.


"Honey, am I still not allowed to post pictures of you on my blog?"

"No. I don't want you using my name either. Refer to me as Big A from now on."

(Big A is actually a nickname of his. That he made up one year, and signed all his xmas presents like that, my dad thought it was so funny. Everyone still calls him that)


"So do you write about me in your blog?"

"Sometimes. You just do some of the stupidest things I just have to write about it."

"Well you know, thats why I do stupid things. So you have something to write about."

"Uh-huh" Rolls eyes and walks away.


"Get up Cindy, get uuuuuuuup! You can't sleep anymore anyway."

"Well I definitely can't sleep with you jumping on the fucking bed like Peter Pan, now go away."

"I'm Peter. Peter Pan." (in a horrible british accent)

Throws pillows at him. "You're lucky I don't have anything heavy to throw at you."

"Eh, you wouldn't hit me anyway. Your aim sucks."


These are all things he's said or done today. Can you imagine what it must be like for me to live with him? Everyday, always just like this. Is it any wonder I'm a little crazy?


    Him-"SO we are getting a hot tub in the shape of an octagon!"
    Him- "...You know... A STOP SIGN!"
    Moi-"GEEZE thank you for the tip!"

    Or like this time

    Him-"Can you imagine 7 days off..!"
    Moi-"Yah thats sweet!"
    Him- "Oh that would be this many to you" (Holds up seven fingers)
    Moi- " Geeze thanks again...!"

    GOod times.
    I like this post! Hahha

  2. Tootsie4:55 PM

    Cindy my girl.. you and Adam are so CUUUUUUUTE! Hee hee... I would love to just sit and watch you both with a bowl of popcorn... I miss you guys!!!!