Monday, March 13, 2006

Isn't it pretty?

So this is my first ever angel food cake. That I made, all by myself. With whipped cream from scratch and strawberries. Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker aint got shit on me. Just don't notice that I quit pulling down the wallpaper before I got it all off. It was wrecking my nails dammit.

Oh and in case anyone cares the people who came to look at my house on Saturday looooved it even more this time and they took lots of pictures. And complimented my kitchen table and that made me immensely happy. Because my table? Is my pride and joy. So hopefully they will buy my house. So I can buy a new one. One with central heat. Anyhow gotta go sell the booze to the drunks now.


  1. Sarah6:12 AM

    Let me guess Cindy, the actual cake came from a box. But the effort is there and that is all that matters. Apparently you must be getting bored because I haven't known you to be much of a chef. Have you been looking at houses in Creston? Must be exciting!!!!
    Anyway good job with the cake, your becoming such a big girl. Ha Ha

  2. Yeah ok so it did come from a box and all I did was add water but again not the point. Adam went to Creston early today to look at Remax for listing soooo..... I'm excited. Anyway yes we are growing up dammit. I don't want to. And yes very bored lately because adam was away for the weekend.