Sunday, March 26, 2006

Okay, so I'm still jealous, but...

The fact that they all burned so horribly makes me feel better about not having gone to Cuba. (L to R Dad, sister Marie, Mom) I mean, really look how burned Marie's chest is. That had to hurt. My mom actually doesn't tan, so she considers sunburn tanned. Whatever. It's still burned.


  1. Sarah8:38 AM

    I burnt my chest so bad when I went to Mexico that it blistered and I had to get some mexican yellow shit to put on it. I'm convinced that my mom bought the wrong stuff at the pharmacy but whatever, we will never know cause it's in spanish.
    And my face was so burnt it was just, well it was just a mess. So funny thing there was an Alo Evera(or however it's spelled) plant at my hotel and so I chopped a piece off and gave her a twirt. Well pissed be known I woke up in the morning with a purple face. Which was scary as shit, but it felt better. So i just rolled with it.

  2. P.S the pinks a little much for an old lady like me. I can't focus my eyes on it. Everytime I get a job I say "okay only six months and I get health coverage" and then I move to a different job, and another six month wait and my poor eyes suffer.