Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What did I do?

Um, so I don't know what I was thinking. I posted a comment over at someone else's blog and now I am afraid that people will come over here to check out the crazy person's site cause I kinda told people to Fuck off (but nicely) if they were just gonna bitch about her spelling. So now I'm afraid I have to put something witty here so maybe they will stay to read the crazy. But, again I don't do well with pressure and I have nothing funny, witty or all that interesting to say today. Fuck! And the skidoo entry wasn't really all that great. Read the drunk post it was funny in a conjointed senseless way. Or the one about my addiction.

So I guess I'll tell you about the anxiety/nervous excitement I have because the people who came to look at our house on Saturday called yesterday. But we weren't here. We were working. So now I'm hoping that they will call back before Adam goes to work. Before they left -after looking at our house, they told us we were on the A list. You have no idea how excited that made me, I've never been on an A list before in my life. For anything. I'm the perfect example of mediocrity in every way. But I hope they buy it. Then we will move and I will get to pick out a new house (not a trailer Sarah, much as it would probably be funny). Because that is fun.

Adam is going away next weekend for a skidoo rally, so I will be all alone for two whole days. Yippee! I will be spending my weekend doing laundry. And maybe packing(a-fuckin-gain). MMMM and sleeping in! Adam is the most freakishly annoying, happy, morning person. I want to kill him for it.

So there is this girl whom I kinda already hate, but pretend to be nice to because, well I don't know. Anyway I gave her gel nails the other day for free, for some stupid reason, and now she's bitching about them. Oh they hurt my nails when they catch something and pull back (well DUH! natural nails do too) and they just feel weird. Well I guess if you don't even try to get used to them it will never get better. So today she asks me how to take them off and I tell her you will have to file them off, and she doesn't believe me. Hi! I am an esthetician, I know what I am talking about. Acetone is NOT the way to take off gel nails. So, I hope she royally fucks up her nails. Bitch.

Anyway that is all I know for today, I apparently fell on my ass for the whole witty, funny, intelligent post I was hoping for. But the pressure it kills my creative funny-ness every time. But LOOK! Be distracted by the french kissing dogs! Caesar: "I am weak! I'm so sorry Katie."
Jenny: "Shut up and kiss me, Bitch"


  1. Yeah I seen that gal at a party and she wanted to get them off, I just shook my head because I was hammered.
    TOMORROW we get to go shopping, Ill call you later on to see when you are coming to get me! Im soo stoked, we can gossip! Yay!

  2. Sarah2:50 PM

    But I think you would look good in a trailer Cindy. That way it's small enough that you won't have to clean as big of an area and, you can hang out in your PJ's all day, drink coke, eat cold KFC and not feel bad because everybody else is doing it. Plus the next time you move, you won't even have to pack. You just have to call your dad to come load it up and your on your way. Plus if you want a scenic view nothing beats a good tornado!!!!!

  3. HAHAHA! You are soooo funny Sarah. Just because its ok for Britney Spears to be all trailer trashy does not mean that is anything I want for my life. So there.(sticks out my tongue) And in case any body cares, they are comin gto look at our house again on Sat. that's what they wanted. Also the stupid Bitch did wreck her nails, and I wanted to laugh at her because I am mean. And spiteful. Anyway that is all.