Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Stupid Dogs

So yesterday, an hour before work(I was still pretty sick so I really didn't need any bullshit) my dogs? Jumped the fence and decided to not wait for me to take them on that walk that I had been promising. Truly I blame Jenny aka the dog who puts Houdini to shame. She is the smart one. I just know she showed Caesar aka dumbass how to get out. I know this because she jumped the fence earlier in the day and Caesar told on her by crying at the door. So I guess finally she decided that if she really wanted to go anywhere she was just gonna have to take her little brother with her. And we all know how teenagers feel about that.

So anyway I discover that my lovely dogs are gone and I lose it. Adam will kill me if anything happens to his dogs. If it were just Jenny we'd be ok. She's not slow like the other one, shed go for a run and come back. I go and get some of Adams friends to help me look for them cause I will die if I have to search by the river for them. They go back to the house and I go into "town" to see if anyone has seen them. Nope. But everyone will call if they see them. So I head back to the house with plans to expand the search only to find Caesar has been put inside the breezeway and I am relieved. I walk to the door to unlock it and I see Jenny inside the house. Seriously I think "Was she in the house the whoe time? Am I that retarded?" But thankfully no.

Fucking Dogs.


  1. Hahahha.
    Your doggys are cute.
    But Im still scared of the stupid one.
    here is my blogs