Saturday, February 04, 2006

So this is my life?

Hmmm.... How to start this whole blog thing. I guess by telling a little something about myself. I am 23 years old (holy shit!), married (Holy Shit!), I have two dogs and a cat. I live in a small town in Canada. I have a shitty job that I haaate and no future here. However on the bright side I am moving to a slightly bigger asscrap town and am planning on taking a course to better my life. I am the second oldest of 4 kids and generally I am the forgotten one. I guess that happens when you move 12 hours away from home. If you would've asked me in high school what I would be doing right now I would've told you either travelling the world or being an actress in Hollywood. THIS is definitely a far cry from that. Oh Well. I guess thats life. You just never know what kinda crap you're gonna be stuck calling life. Could be worse I guess- I could still live in Saskatchewan. ;)

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