Saturday, February 04, 2006

Have you ever

Have you ever had roommates? Of the opposite sex? That you don't know before they move in? I have. One summer day while at work Adam(my husband) walks in and says that he has found the solution to our money worries(his company was going on strike). He met this guy over in the BAR and he wanted to have him live with us. It was supposed to be only for just a little while and would be great for us. About a month later his friend from back in ontario pulls up the driveway and the next thing I know HE'S living with us too. Fine. Mortgage paid. However do you have any idea how much food 2 guys eat? Lots. But while roommate 2 was living with us it was fine, he kept 1 in line. He(roommate 1) one time asked me what I was making for supper cause he was hungry. 2 just about hit him for being rude. It ws never in the agreement that I would cook but I did cause I'm nice like that. Anyhow Adam had to move to Alberta while he was on strike cause he's a workaholic and couldn't stand not doing anything. One night 1 got drunk and tried to hit on me. Like rubbed himself against me and shit. I never told Adam cause he would've killed him. And we needed the money. So I kept quiet. Sept. came and 2 moved back to Ontario. Now I'm at this point thinking that oh great now I'm alone with him. FUCK. But problem solved 1 brings in another friend from ontario. The two of them together was unbearable. You could tell that they were used to having mommy do everything for them despite their ages (27 & 24). They would expect me to cook for them before I left for work at 4 and if I didn't they would walk up town and buy food. Then on weekends when Adam was down they would bitch to him about how there was never any food in the house and where was their $50 dollars a month going if not for food. But that wasn't even the worst. They soon started taking my good SILVER to work at construction sites and LOSING it. Also after work they would wear their dirty coveralls around the house and sit on all my furniture. AND wear their muddy work boots all over the house. They never cleaned anything but would tell people (our friends) that I never did anything around the house.
We went away for a week to Adam's brother's wedding and when we came back they had PAINTED my kitchen. Now we had discussed painting it, however
OLIVE GREEN was never an option. I was thinking something like cream. And he never finished it. They never cut it around the edges so it is still the same color as it was before this fun little adventure into home renovating. Now I suspect that something happened to the walls while we were gone and the only way to hide it was to paint. But that is just a theory. So needless to say once Adam ws back at work they were asked to move out. It wasn't pretty. They never talked to us again before they moved out. Because how DARE we ask them to leave OUR home.

Anyhow my lesson is learned. I will sell myself on the street before I ever have roommates again. Seriously don't mess with a girls silverware.

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  1. Oh, jeeze. Sounds kinda like my hubby and his friends... only your version is a little crazier. : )

    They come over, and they eat everything in the house, and leave the mess behind, for me, of course. One of his friends likes to stay overnight, and I had to put an end to that, as he was pretty much living here (in a one-bedroom apartment? I don't think so!)

    I feel your pain.

    Love your blog!