Wednesday, February 22, 2006


So I just finished reading an article on msn about how they are considering putting a special tax on junk/unhealthy food. WTF! Why would anyone ever even consider letting the government do something like that? The argument for it being ok is that there are special taxes on cigarettes, how is this any different. I'm sorry but I currently pay 1.80 for a bottle of coke. I feel that is outrageous. However I would probably kill someone if that price went up due to an unhealthy eating tax. What right does anyone other than my doctor have to tell me what is ok for me to eat? None. Also this whole 'it's not right for schools to have vending machines with junk food in them' deal is bullshit. In highschool I would probably have died without my daily coke and bag of dill chips. I was also a size zero. Junk food eating and weight does not always have a direct correlation. Yeah I ate unhealthy sometimes, but I was also ACTIVE, which I feel was key. Some kids shouldn't eat junk food, but that doesn't mean that because they cant I can't. (Also I have issues with no peanut butter allowed at schools) Yes vending machines do bring in money for the schools but that shouldn't be why they are there (schools should be better funded and not rely on candy sales, however they do). They offer the students the freedom of choice and its not right to take that away because some kids are fat. Also stop cutting funding for gym classes then. I somehow got off track here.... My point was that is not the governments place to tell me what I can and cannot eat or drink. Allowing something like this to happen is just one step closer to a situation like that in the book Fahrenheit 451(i think thats what it was) where the government controls the whole society and disallows the reading of books. Obviously this is a stretch, however why would we even allow a decision like what we eat be taken away from us? I can make healthy eating choices. Sometimes I choose not to. If I get fat or diabetes that is my problem. Don't take away my right to choose junk. Or make me pay more for it.

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  1. Holy you are just on a mad rant arent ya'?
    Well I am at your house doing my hurr' and stuff. But Ill talk to you later.