Monday, February 20, 2006

My Poor Doggies

Because you can imagine how hard their lives are. They though, are very upset right now. My sister and her fiancee left this morning and took their dog with them. Also their dog (who is Jenny's sister from the same litter) Katie, is Caesar's new girlfriend. So they are both pretty upset that she is gone. And that she took with them the only two people who would consistantly give them table scraps. Off their plates. At the table.

Also my house is TOTALLY still clean because Marie is obsessive. And Adam kept getting mad at me because she WOULD NOT stop cleaning everything. Kinda made me look bad. But there was no way I was going to make her stop. It's fun having someone else clean your kitchen. The death glares were sooo worth it. (Cindy stop making our guest clean everything.) (When she is your sister she doesn't really count as a guest. Also, No. You can't make me)(PS Thank You Marie)

Unfortunately my poor liquor cabinet has taken a severe beating from the two boys who drank themselves into a stupor every night then started again at 9am the next day. Maybe I shouldn't have shown Adam where it was.

We also discovered Marie is allergic to seafood. Not badly, but enough to make her stop drinking and not want to go to the bar. Spoil sport.

My cat now hates me too. He got completely ignored the whole weekend. I also maybe kept forgetting to fill his food dish because the spoiled Katie prefered the cat food. And Tommy's water.

I also never want to go in my hot tub EVER again. Zak, you are obsessive. Seriously? 4 Hours? Really? I finally had to get out because I was going to die. Also Adam? 102 is NOT hot enough. Fix that please.

PS Jenny is soo cuter than Katie. I can say that cause it's my blog and I can write what I want to. NAH NAH NA BOO BOO! Ok I am done now.(maybe)

I don't want to go to work tonight. Maybe I can just..... ah Fuck it. It's not like my job is hard. Just boring. Also Adam sorry for the lack of supper being made. I was busy. Doing this. The post with no point whatsoever. Nor was I able to make it make sense. I am sorry for that(not really).Ok I am done now for sure. Although I reserve the right to add to it at any point.


  1. Hahah awww. Kay i gotta run, im in art. Ill talk to you later.
    and see you tomorrow.

  2. I like 104 to relax in, and and 105 to _cook_ in myself. It's not a called a tepid tub!