Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The nerve of some people

So someone I know recently decided that they wanted to take a look at my house, ya know cause we're moving. So I switched shifts with the most annoying spoiled brat in the world. No that title is not held by me thank-you. (Also that is another story cause she. is. stupid.) Spent the ENTIRE day cleaning my house. Top to bottom. She phones me at 8 that night and tells me shes sorry she couldn't make it but could she maybe come look at it tomorrow before I go to work. I say yes because I have not learned my lesson. So I spend the next day trying to keep my house clean also while babysitting two of the cutest kids in the world.(seriously I'd post pictures but I don't know how their mom would like that) Anyway they are 3 and almost 2, which means serious energy. Anyhow if you can see where this is going she never showed up AGAIN. And she never phoned. So I kinda really want to tell her where to go if she tries to set up an appointment again. But I probably won't. At least my house will be very clean for this weekend when my sister gets here. She's a bit of a neat freak and usually spends her mornings before I get up cleaning. I love that about her. However it didn't work very well while we lived together. I. AM. MESSY!

Anyway the lesson here is that I will never trust the word of this woman ever again. But she is actually a very nice person. She just can't be trusted.

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  1. I had a friend that would call me and say she was coming over (so I would tidy things), and then she NEVER came over. Ever. So I just stopped cleaning my house. When she finally came over, she said something about the mess, so I just told her if she ever bothered keeping her plans, I might clean up for her.