Monday, February 27, 2006


So I go to work for one night and leave Adam alone to fend for himself and this is what my kitchen looks like. I had started to clean up first too before I took this picture, so if you can imagine this even worse. Stupid man. Shall we discuss the items on the counter? Bread? Fine. Fries bag? Sure, the garbage isn't too far away, but whatever. Saran wrap? For what?! Empty juice jug? Not too hard to refill, but he never does (even though it is a major pet peeve of mine). Not pictured: Sugar bag, various dirty plates, 12 bazillion different cups and dirty pots, pans and cookie sheets. Also in picture? 26 of Rum. I'm not quite sure what he made last night to make such a mess, but I think it's safe to say he had fun doing it.Posted by Picasa


Also if there are any americans reading this could you please explain to me why you think it's ok to come to my country and complain about our money? I had a guy come into my store last night and bitch about how the bar next door would accept his american money but would only give him his change in.... Canadian. Ummmm I don't know maybe because this is CANADA. Say it with me asshole; C-A-N-A-D-A. We are not american and we don't like you as much as you think we do. Nor do we need your $14.00 that you came in with. You're lucky we even accept your money and not make you exchange it like you do to us. WHY come here if you are just gonna bitch? Nobody forced you here. Stay in your own country then. Also why would I have american change to give you? Your money is ugly. And looks fake. And once again for all you slow fuckers, this is CANADA. You wouldn't go to the UK and expect them to take your money why is this any different? Canada is not a third world country and your money isn't worth that much more than ours so don't expect us to be happy about accepting it. Because I was thisclose to kicking your ass out of my store. "I need to get rid of this stupid money" Umm... then dont come here to drink our much better, stronger beer. Not that I hate all Americans, cause I don't. I hate the ones that come to My country and BITCH about it. Because we might just kick your asses. Again. Remember what happened the last time you guys attacked? We kicked your asses and sent you home crying in under a week. Then burnt your stupid white house down for good measure. Don't make us do it again. We're not as nice as you think. FUCKERS!


  1. HAHAH I like the Yankee story. "remember what happened last time.... we burnt your white house down...!" BAHAHA! What are you doing on the 8th?
    Do you work tonight?
    Cause I do!
    Hahah Adam. Im going to call him Mr. Mom! Hahahah

  2. Well, I've always wanted to live in Canada, because people aren't so dumb there.

    I'm just curious, do you guys have movies that make fun of Americans? Because you really should, if you don't already. If you do, you should tell me about them... haha.

  3. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Love, love love! Yes I know I'm just getting to it now, but exactly the way I feel too. Those americans...

    I significantly corrected (really, it wasn't a flame) one poster on a blog that said she had never been to another country and Canada didn't count.... that got my hate on!