Thursday, May 04, 2006

Brokeback Questions

I watched Brokeback Mountain last night, and there was something I just couldn't figure out. Now if you haven't seen it stop reading now, because my question is a spoiler.

OKay so I am assuming that if you are still reading you have already seen it or are on of those weird people who like to know what happens. If so you're wierd. I hate knowing. Anyway, back to the point, what I don't understand is this: Did Jack Twist (jake gyllenhal) actually die by the rim of his tire exploding into his face, or was he beat to death with the tire iron by other guys? If you know, please tell me because I watched this movie running on like 2 hours of sleep, so some things just didn't make sense to me.

Also never watch a movie about gay people with an immature man. Hubby kept giggling and saying "they're gay." every time they so much as looked at each other. I was kinda grateful when he finally fell asleep, then I could hear what was being said. Instead of "they're gay. look, they want each other. Are they gonna have sex again?" And I'll be honest, his giggling was getting pretty annoying. "Heehee they're lovers"

***Hubby would like the internet to know that I forced him to let me rent it. "I'm not gay. Just so you know."***


  1. I can't help you out. I haven't seen it and I have no intentions of ever watching it. Sorry, it's just not my bag.....

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  3. LA197811:57 AM

    I wondered the same thing - and I think the guys killed him by attacking him with the tire iron, but that the reason she gave is the "official" reason the police would have used.
    I know what you mean about watching that movie with immature people. I went with my friend to the theatre to watch it. It was the weirdest group of people. Some people were in love with the story and cried at the end, others were giggling about it being a romance.
    I thought it was good.
    But really depressing.

  4. charlotte1:01 PM

    my impression was that he was attacked and killed, but the explosion explanation was easier for the families and public records to stomach.