Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Conversations with a Drunk

So he got home last night at about 1:30ish. Came to the wrong door. Could not get in the house. So once I let him in, I went back to the bedroom to try and sleep. But after about ten minutes of hearing nothing I started to get worried. I walk out to the door to find him sitting on the floor staring at his shoes.

After we get that sorted out, he comes to the room and I laugh at his attempts to undress himself but don't offer to help. 10mins later he's laying down beside me and he says "I'm not gay. Just so you know."

Other things he said while drunk last night are
-You like sister. (WTF, I think that's missing a few key words)
-This is just you and me being us.
-Are we running peas or corn tonight?
-I just love.....pets my head like a dog
-can't you just cuddle me back?
- Your period is wrong.

Three in the morning he decides he's hungry. So he gets up, goes to the kitchen and drops the pie from the fridge on the floor. Picks it up, eats it and says "mmmmm this is god pie." Drinks milk straight from the jug, and backwashes a chunk of pie into the container. That's garbage now.

Then he kick the dogs outside because they just told him 'they wanted out.' So I have to get up, let the poor, confused dogs back in and wrangle him back to bed. Then the sleep talking starts. And the flying elbows to the head. So when he gets up at 9am this morning (still drunk BTW) he wonders why I'm grouchy. The bastard.

PS No Sarah I never bought that bathing suit, however now I 'm mad that she did. Oh well, I'll get over it I guess.


  1. Jason used to talk about a truck in his sleep. Like in the morning when I would wake him up or If I happened to drop by in the middle of the night he would always ask "where did you park the truck" or "what size of engine is int he truck again". Which is actually funny when you think about it because I didn't drive a truck, and neither did he. And neither or us really knew anyone that drove a truck.
    At first I used to go along with it. "What truck Jason?" "I don't know what size of engine is in the truck" and then I realized he was sleeping so I would wait until he would say "what the hell are you doing here?" and then I knew he was awake.
    One night the Legreca and I stopped by his place in Meota in the middle of the night because we had a flat tire on the way back from a drinking event at a close by beach and he was like. "where's the truck Sarah, did you park it out front" I of course wanted the thing fixed so I went along. He got up, had the tire iron the the old bolt then and everything was going good when he looked up and said "Sarah? What the Fuck are you doing here?" and then he was confused. We was an ex by that point. None the less since he had started the whole operation he had to finish, so he did and we left.
    Kinda a funny story. The idiot was sleep walking the whole time. I guess in the whole scheme of things he got me back with the Toyota thing.....ha ha ha..not funny

  2. I dont know what to say.... besides HAHAHAHAHAHHA!
    Kay Ill call you tomorrow after school, I was wondering if you could do my eyebrows, because from being sick and all, I didnt have energy to eat, so I didnt really have time to do mine and they are a bit... well wild lets say hahah.. Kay Ill talkto you tomorrow.

    Once again HAHAHA

  3. Ok, I tried to guess what he said when he was drunk, but I have no clue! No clue at all!

    Is it your turn to go out now?