Monday, May 08, 2006

David Blaine freaks me out

Did anyone else watch his "trick" on tv?

Dude was in a water bubble for a week and then tried to hold his breath for nine minutes. NINE MINUTES PEOPLE. I'm pretty sure that he never made the whole nine, but still. (I missed it because some drunk guy came in and wanted to talk philosophy with me. Annoying bastard) He tried, and he came pretty damn close. Closer than I would've thought he could.

Can you imagine how wrinkly and painful that must've been? I hurt after being in the tub for an hour, nevermind a week.

I'm however not quite sure how this constitutes as a magic trick though. He claims its magic because he brings people together who normally wouldn't have anything in common. That's bullshit babble, not magic. However his real tricks do freak the shit out of me.

Like he pulled a womans tooth out of her mouth and then BLEW it back in. Her mouth was bleeding and everything. It was pretty fucking cool. However if I ever meet him and he asks me to trust him and then reaches for my teeth, I will bite his fingers off. My teeth have enough problems as it is, I don't need some magician pulling them out. But if he takes me to a roullette table and gives me money to bet I sure will go with him. Those girls won 3,200 dollars. For nothing. Well I'm sure they got picked because they had big boobs but whatever...

He also tied his shoelace by waving his foot around in the air and it tied itself. Could you imagine the drunk people you could fuck with with that? But the freakiest shit of all is when he levitates. That is the one trick of his I wish I could do. Although he does seem to be in pain after he does it, so I could do without that. I'm kinda suspicious of that trick though because they will only show it from behind, so I don't know.

There was also no reason whatsoever for this to be on tv for the length it was. I mean come on, the trick was under nine minutes, a half an hour would've been sufficient don't you think?

PS Thanks to the two people who left comments regarding the brokeback mountain question I had, that was pretty much what I thought, but wasn't sure. So thank you for clearing that up for me.
(I also like how many hits I get for my posts that have brokeback mountain in them. And gay. BTW I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure Jake Gyllenhaal isn't gay. I got some hits searching for that too.)(Not that there's anything wrong with that, I just don't think he is. Not enough fashion sense.)(Imagine how many hits I'll get for this one...)

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