Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Where the Fuck?

I just got home from work (11:30) and I totally have no idea where the hell my husband went. He has been drinking almost all day with his friend Jake (who gets him into trouble lots) and they were supposed to be here when I got home because we were all gonna soak in the hot tub. But. They. Aren't. Here. And I am pissed off about this. A phone call telling me where he was going to be would've been appreciated, thank you very much.

Also, drunk people, what makes you think that I want to lend you money out of my TIP JAR so you can buy beer? I don't. So stop asking. And, no even if you promise to pay me back. I've learned my lesson, because you never do.

1 comment:

  1. When did he make it home? and if you think about it, how badly did you want to hang out with drunk people once you got home from work?
    Did you end up buying the bathing suit too?