Friday, September 22, 2006


So I just got off the phone with my mom, and something just makes sense now.

I was REALLY pissed off about the Grey's Anatomy premiere. I was thinking to myself that they had REALLY lost their mojo for season three, and what a crappy way to leave us hanging for what the hell happened to Izzie hours after Denny died?

I was VERY upset that my favourite show had dropped the ball.

Apparently CTV aired the second episode. Now it all makes sense. But now I have to wait until next thursday to see the episode that I had waited all summer to see. VERY disappointed.

If I had known that CTV aired the wrong episode I would've watched it on ABC later on. Nobody had better tell me what really happened on the premiere or I will be really mad.

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  1. I KNOW!!! I started watching Grey's Anatomy a couple weeks before you suggested I should, and I was really starting to get into it. They were playing it a couple nights a week on ABC in August so people like me who hadn't seen it could get caught up, I guess. So the night before the season premiere they had a two-hour special of the last two shows of last year and I was totally looking forward to the premiere. And as I was watching it on CTV I was thinking that I must have missed some. I thought maybe I read the TV listings wrong and it was a two-hour premiere and I missed the first hour. And then, I changed the channel to ABC after it was done and I was SURE I missed some, but hubby wanted to watch CSI on CTV so we switched. So I don't know what happened either. Guess we'll see on Thursday.