Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I am in Haaaaaate!

So today I received a phone call today from the hospital.

(oh my god! Somethings wrong with my blood tests. What's wrong with me? What could be wrong? Am I going to miscarry? What will I tell hubby? He'll be so upset. I think I'm gonna cry. Or scream. Gaaaaaa!) (I also thought this all in the two seconds that the phone had it's first ring, before I picked it up.)


Hi! Is this Cynthia?


Hi! This is bitchface from the lab at the hospital. There is a problem with your blood for the tests. We need you to come in again.

Okay(stay calm). What is the problem?

Oh, well, um, on the way to being tested in Vancouver, some of your vials broke, so we need more of your blood.

OH. Okay, I'll be in as soon as I can then. (hangs up the phone and takes a big calming breath)

Why the fuck is it that they always screw up taking blood from the person who is soooo not okay with giving blood? Why does this have to be my luck? Why me?


  1. Question? Why is your blood going to Vancouver? They don't test blood in your town?
    I'm actually not all that surprised about adam, what I am surprised about is that he didn't piss in the closet

  2. I'm the same way about getting blood taken...after my SECOND blood glucose diabetes test (I "failed" the first one), I had to go for THREE blood tests AND drink the nasty super-sweet orange drink...all in two hours. Because of my small veins, the nurse had difficulty finding a vein that would work, so to make a long story short...I had to be escorted to the "losers-who-need-to-lie-down" area. Had to stay lying down until I stopped sweating and feeling nauseous. The things you have to do for your little bugger...