Friday, September 22, 2006

Are your parents home?

One of my neighbors stopped by last night to inform me what was going on between her and one of the other neighbors. This guy is trying to take away everyones irrigation rights if they have a well. Fun.

But anyway, she started off on the wrong foot by when I answered the door asking "Are your parents home?"

"Uummm, actually this is my house."

"Oh, you look too young."

I guess I can't get too upset because I use that line whenever telemarketers call or salespeople stop by the house. It just annoys me when people assume things like that.

Maybe I should be grateful that when I get older people will still think I'm younger than I am.

Heehee, she must've thought I was a pregnant teen. Or I guess just a fat one.


  1. You should definitely be thankful...better to look like a hot-yummy-knocked-up-teen than a frumpy old middle aged one! Has the morning sickness passed yet?

  2. We made it back alive. Thanks for the hospitality, Raymond had a good time fishing....way to drunk. Anyway I think you can watch old tv episodes on u tube, check it out.