Monday, June 12, 2006

So Long, Farewell...

Well this is my last post.

For two weeks anyway (scared you didn't I?). And when I finally come back to you all, it will be from the fiery depths of dial up hell. That's right, my new house is only capable of getting dial up. So I may just wind up breaking my computer in impatience. Maybe not though, because I won't have a job, so I will have nothing better to do than wait for a connection. This might make me have to finally learn patience. Or knitting. Which is on my list anyway.

Speaking of my list, guess what I bought on Saturday. A bow and arrow set. I got it at a garage sale. It is a longbow not a compound bow, so it is one inch shorter than me (I'm 5'7"). It came with a leather quiver (I just wanted to say quiver. It's a fun word), a bunch of arrows (like 50 of them), a leather arm protector (which by the way, you do need. Believe me I found out the hard way), and a finger protector glove. But that is too big for me so I will have to buy a smaller one. I was so excited when I saw it I didn't even dicker with the price I wanted it so bad. Hubby laughed at me. Which I expected, so whatever. My dad joked that I will be using hubby as target practice. Which made me laugh. (I say which alot don't I? Whatever)

And remeber how I bragged about having good luck? Remember also how I said I lost a diamond earring like two weeks ago? I found it on Saturday. (Saturday was a good day for me, better than Friday night anyway, damn bear) I was pretty excited because yay! Those were the only earrings I wore, so I have two again. Which means I will no longer look like a pirate with one earring. Only now I won't get newer, bigger ones. Yeah, like I was going to anyway.

So back to this whole no computer thing, I will also have no phone. Except for my cell phone. Which is funny cause it is still a Saskatchewan number. I think it's funny anyway. My dad doesn't so much when he gets the bill though... yes I'm spoiled. Shut up. If someone offered to pay for your phone you wouldn't say no either. I really only use it when travelling home anyway, so it's more for his peace of mind than anything. Anyway, back to the origional point in this paragraph (I keep getting off track today don't I?), I will be off the grid, unreachable. And I think I may just go into withdrawls. Weekends are hard enough when almost nobody updates. Can you imagine how I'll be after two weeks? All shaky and bitchy, wandering around looking for someone to lend their computer to me. "Come on man, I only need like 10 minutes, 20 tops. Please, I'll do whatever, just let me use your computer, man." Or however junkies actually sound.

So now that I've rambled on and on and on, I will say goodbye for now, see you again in two weeks. Please don't forget me. I will try to come back and update before July 1st when I return to civilization. Sorta. Dial up civilization. So keep coming back and checking, but I promise I will stop short of all out Junkie and will not break into houses to get my fix. I say that now, but we'll see how I am in a week...

Also, still leave me comments. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am a comment whore. So please, don't stop with the comments. And if me being gone for two weeks sends you into withdrawls (I can pretend someone cares enough) read the archives. Maybe that'll help.


  1. holy boonies if you can't get anything but dial-up!!! wishing you the sanest move possible...

  2. Good luck with the move and I hope you will be very happy with your new abode. As for the wee problem of the "dial up", it is but a trifle anoyance. I'm sure you will adapt and be the stronger for it.

  3. Anonymous12:15 PM

    You had me scared! Love reading your posts - make me laugh. Hope the move went well. Curious - where in Saskatchewan are you from?

    I'm to lazy to create a blogger ID. "pp"

  4. Do you know what's funny Cindy? Raymond can get wireless internet in camp, way up in Northern Alberta. Where there is nothing but trees....On his PSP at that....pretty sad hey....Raymond can check his email on his video game faster than you can probably check it on your computer.

  5. Just be sure you point the arrow in the direction of the target...

    There, you have a comment from a totally new person...Hope your addiction has been satisfied for a little bit!