Thursday, June 08, 2006


So I am in a pissy mood this evening, and the cause of it may be one of many things (moving, drunk husband, or learning someone else is going to Europe) or it could even be a mixture of all of those things.

Yes it may seem silly to all of you out there that I am pissy because someone else gets to go to Europe, but that has been my dream from ever since I can remember. And it seems everyone else gets to go but me. I am happy for her, but also jealous. It's petty I know, but here we are anyway... (and she reads this, so Hi! I'm jealous, but I still heart you forever)

So this reminded me of this list I made when I was about 16 years old. It's of all the things I want to do before I die. So since that makes an easy post for me, I will share it with you. Yes I still have it and know exactly where it is. Shut up.

1. Go to England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Morocco, Jamaica, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, India, Australia. Preferably most of those in one trip. The ones in the same area anyway...
2.Learn Spanish
3.Learn French
4.Learn Sign Language
5.Get scuba certification
7.Hang glide
8.White water raft
9.Learn to knit
10.Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
11.Write a book
12.Ride a steam train (I did that one actually, in Penticton two years ago. It was really hot.)
13.Learn to sail a boat.
14.Go on a cruise somewhere
15.Learn to shoot a bow and arrow (ok so I know how, but get good at it)
16.Get my gun safety lisence (I already know how to shoot, and I'm good)
17.Save someones life
18.Have someone buy my art (so I guess I'll have to start drawing again)
19.Learn to sew. (my little brother can sew better than me. And my sister)
20.Own a muscle car (I really want a new Challenger when they come out, but talking classic cars, probably a '68 Camaro RS SS. Rare, but I know someone who has it and I will convince him to sell it...)
21.Own a convertible. (I did own one, but I smashed a deer with it, so now I want a new Pontiac Solstice)
22.Learn to ride a horse (okay so I know how now, but I want to get good)
23.Own a friesian horse (very very expensive horse, but so so pretty.)
24.Make my own wine (not that I drink much but...)
25.Meet a movie star (preferrably Colin Farrell heehee ;))
26.Learn ballroom dancing
27.Learn to belly dance (it looks so fun)
28.Learn to Salsa dance (these are pretty funny considering I cannot even two step unless very very drunk)
29.Parachute from a plane (I think I would only be able to do this double, I'd be afraid of not pulling the chute on time)
30.Ride in an air balloon
31.Have a pen pal.
32.Read all the classic old novels (Moby dick, Pride and Prejudice, etc...)
33.Get married (Check)
34.Have kids (I think I would at least like to do all the travelling first)

So there you go, I had some interesting ideas on there (some removed due to impossibility like, be in a movie, be in a magazine, attend a major award show. I was quite the teen, I wanted to be famous), but most of them I'd still like to do. I think I'll need to do some major money saving to even think about checking off number one on the list. Or maybe win the lottery (I guess you have to play to win).

So I guess I'd better just go on dreaming, and living vicariously through other people. And hope they share pictures on their blog when they come back. Hint, Hint. Wink, Wink.

It's also a good thing I love my sister so much because if I didn't I would take the money I am saving for her wedding and disappear to London and board the next Contiki Trip for 46 days(ultimate european, yes I've researched trips) and cross almost all of those places of the list. But I guess at least I will be able to cross Jamaica off the list. Which isn't quite the same as going to 17 countries for almost the same price.

I was also going to bore you with all the things I want to do in those countries, but I figured, no one else cares and also, that would take so long. But just believe that I DO have a list, even though I could tell you off by heart all the places and things... so beware, one day I might share it with you.


  1. Quite a big list you have there.
    Here is mine;
    1. Stay out of jail
    2. Be happy.
    So far I have achieved 1 and hopefully I'll get round to 2 sometime soon.

  2. You know if you broke the list down into years you could get it done quicker because as is you haven't tried much Cindy.
    Pick two things a year and do them. One in December and One in July. No if's and's or butt's. Just sign up and do them.
    And if you need a pal, I'd be more than happy to drive down and check off a couple with you. I've always wanted to sky dive and ride in a hot air balloon.

  3. Crazy girl...go sign up for belly dancing or salsa TODAY...that is TOTALLY accomplishable, and by the time you DO go to Europe, you can make all the hot European men DROOL as you boogy in the local bars!!!

  4. Until recently I thought salsa was what you dipped your chips in.