Thursday, June 01, 2006


You can definitely tell where your seperate priorities as a couple lay when you walk into a store like Sears. Like say for instance:

He thinks $1500 for a riding lawn mower is perfectly acceptable, while however for a stainless steel side by side fridge, $1500 is just way too much. How is it that something you will use honestly twice a month is more important than a fridge you will use everyday until it dies?


$300 for a chainsaw, but that's too much for a stainless steel dishwasher? Obviously he doesn't do the dishes. And how often does one really use a chainsaw? I wash the dishes every 2 days, when it is full. (we use alot of cups)


$3,000 for a dirt bike is just fine, but for a pillow top king size bed? Nah, cause it's not like we sleep on it every night or something.


With the extra money we have he'd rather build a garage instead of new laminate flooring or saving it towards the $5000 we will need to go to jamaica for my sisters wedding. I think he doubts that I will sell every single one of his toys to pay for our trip if we don't have the money. Which currently we don't because someone feels we NEED a garage so the boat doesn't get wet. (Anyone have $5000 dollars laying around we can borrow? No? Anyone want a used dirtbike? Boat? Skidoo? just kidding. I'm not quite ready to sell it all yet.)

Men are from Mars Women are from Venus? Nah, men are from the land of toys and tools, women are from the land of practicality and common sense.* Maybe it's the same thing. What do I know, I've never read that book.

*this coming from the girl who has 6 boxes of shoes packed up in her living room. And about 20 black garbage bags of clothes. Yes, that's how I pack clothes up. Don't call me white trash. It's the easiest way. Shut up, it is too.


  1. Came across your blog after reading "ninepounddictator", and I LOVE your hilarious HONESTY! I never know if I should comment on strangers blogs for fear they are wondering "who the hell is this person?"!!! But you're a self proclaimed comment-whore for God's sake! I think you may get a kick out of MY "healthy debates" post...

  2. Tootsie2:48 PM

    Hey - Whenever I move thats where I pack all my clothes too. On our move to Penticton we went through a check-stop in Golden and they wanted to search the moving van. I felt strangely guilty when we opened the back of the truck and I had a heap of black garbage backs RIGHT THERE. Oh well, so back to my original question.. u didnt phone when you were out here? Hello? I hear Marie even hangs out with Gary alot? But I guess Im too big a loser!

  3. HOW the hell did I end up here... I don't know but it's a lovey site and I enjoyed resing it. :-)

  4. Slight typo as I meant "visiting" it. Thanks for visiting my site in turn and no "resing" isnt Galic for anything. ;-)

  5. Your too funny cindy. The last time I moved from Saskatoon I packed all my little shit in Wal Mart bags and tied them up because I wanted to stuff as much shit into my car as possible and boxes just took up to much space.
    P.S: Stainless steel sucks to clean. You get finger prints everywhere and you spent half of your day trying to buff any little smear off of them. They look good, but take time.

  6. victoria10:37 AM

    Love your site and sense of humour too. Heed the warnings about stainless steel also side by side's in general suck (freezers are too small and narrow - which is ok if you have a deep freeze too but if not it's really annoying.)
    All the best,