Monday, June 05, 2006

Am I Supposed to Care?

Why do all the drunk people seem to think I want to hear about all their problems? I'm just here to sell you your booze. Take it and leave. Maybe tip me too. Tipping is nice. But don't come in here and tell me your wife has just put a restraining order on you and you can't go into your home for a year. Because that? Makes me think you are a very bad person. And uncomfortable in a store alone with you late at night. Maybe I should be taking boxing lessons or something. Or just bring a bat to work.

I also, in a completely unrelated topic, wrote four exams today for my schooling. The class is over on the 7th and I hadn't wrote a single test. So I figured I'd do them all today. Smart right? The word you are looking for is procrastinator. Yes I know. Lowest score was 73%, highest was 84%, which will have to do. Last week I also wrote four exams for my medical terminology course (what's with me and four exams at once?)and didn't do too horribly either. Okay so I am lying and my lowest score on one was 68% but my highest was 89%, so I feel good-ish about that. Probably would've done better if I had written one every week instead of 4 a month, but live and learn I guess.

Did you know Rhinorrhea is a medical name for runny nose? I have been messing with the locals here and telling them that's what I have (I have a cold) and they all look at me like I'm dying. I get pretty good tips when people think I'm dying. And they're less likely to stay and bore me to death with their problems. Which is a good thing. (Medical dictionary's with pictures are fun, BTW)

I was going to post a picture, but stupid blogger won't let me. Stupid thing. My computer keeps telling me it can't find server whenever I try to send information, so I keep having to send it over again, not knowing if it worked the first time. So long story short, no picture this time. I know, you're all so disappointed. Try not to cry.


  1. HAHAHAH that guy is my dads cousin!!
    I seen him too, hes like I guess I wont be seeing you guys down at the park anymore, I got a restraining order on me... HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA

  2. I too have periodic problems with Blogger... I think its OK for general blogs but it doesnt cope well if you push it for more, or so has been my experience.

    Read your blog and thought we might be the same tribe ;-)

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