Wednesday, June 07, 2006


It's a good thing there isn't some law out there that you says have to be able to work nicely with your spouse before you can get married. Because if there was I'd be single.

Hubby and I are trying to pack. We aren't getting very far because we keep fighting. He keeps trying to throw things out that don't need to be thrown out. Like my shoes. Or pots and pans. He thinks we have too many and couldn't I just part with some of them? GAAAAHHH!!! And he also would like for me to pack all my clothes up early and start living out of a suitcase right now, instead of come Sunday when my next days off are. This. Is. Not. Fun. I HATE moving. And since there is the great moving fiasco of 06 we basically get to do it twice. Double Fun!

Is it a bad thing that I comtemplated throwing a knife at him when he criticized my packing ability? Does it make it any less scary that I didn't seek the knives out, I was packing one when the impulse struck? Didn't think so. Oh well, I guess at least we don't work together often.

Also, do all guys expect women to be able to help them move a freezer as well as their friends do? He does. He also gets very upset when I drop heavy things on his fingers and nearly cut them off. So he says. Drama Queen. I keep telling him to not make me carry heavy stuff.


  1. Right there with you till the end... it's half your fridge so you can move it too. Only joking. Moving is supposed to be very stressful - that is why I get other people to do it for me ;-)

  2. You sound like the token fighting couple on Amazing Race that I would rout for!!! GO Crazy Couple GO!!! Sounds like me and my husband except I usually break down and start crying, and then he gets frusterated, and we spend the rest of the night hating each other. Do you agree that it's never OUR fault?!?

  3. It's not like he hasn't lost a finger before, hahahahahah. Not really funny, but an advantage, if you did let go of the freezer he would only loose three fingers on the one hand.
    As for the fighting, I have no idea what that feels like, I do have the perfect relationship. Ha, Ha I almost beleived that statement myself. Anyway, if you were more manly he wouldn't want to be with you so go on being the princess you are.
    Personally I've given up on cleaning my home or doing anything around the house because Raymond is home full time looking for a job and I beleive he can learn to be a housewife. I am hoping he will learn this stuff early in the relationship so there won't be any excuse down the line why he couldn't help out. I find woman baby their men in the first four or five years of their relationship and therefore men feel they are entitled to having all their stuff done for them. By then it is to late.