Thursday, March 15, 2007

An open letter

To the old man in the purple car with veterans licence plates;

Dear sir,
Thank you for everything you sacrificed in going to war for our country. It is very much appreciated and I mean that. From the bottom of my heart.

However, it is generally not accepted practice to pull out onto a highway in front of a car going highway speed, and not having looked. I really thought it was fun to have to swerve into the ditch to avoid hitting you since you were aimed at my side of the car.

You should consider yourself very lucky that I am 8 MONTHS pregnant, otherwise I would have destroyed your car (and mine for that matter) and not have cared at all about how much that would scare the crap out of you.

You are also very lucky to have not pulled over and stopped at all before I turned to go to my Dr's appoinment, otherwise I would've got out of the car and reamed you a new one. And with my temper lately, you wouldn't have wanted that. I can be one scary bitch. Ask my husband.

I also really enjoyed that since my horn doesn't work, you didn't even know that you nearly killed a pregnant woman. Didn't even know I was there. So, thank you.


I used to be very lenient towards old people keeping their licences. Especially those who put their lives at risk in the war to protect our country. Veterans had a special place in my heart and I felt we should give them a little leeway.

I can stand the slow driving, lack of signal use, and occasional lane weaving. However when they pull out across a lane of traffic onto a highway in front of a car going 100km/hr and never even notice, there are some steps that need to be taken against your right to hold a driver's licence.

Just because you risked your life many many years ago, does not mean you now have the right to risk my life and that of my unborn child. And everyone else on the road for that matter.

PS As you can tell, I made it back from Jamaica without incident, and am still incubating this little parasite.

PSS As you can also probably tell, I am so done being pregnant at this point. His eviction notice has been served.


  1. Well I'm excited to hear you made it back. Why don't you post a picture of the belly. You must be getting a little round.

  2. Pfffft! That would mean that there were pictures. There aren't. Seriously I have no pictures on my camera of me at all. Adam prefers to take pictures of himself, or random things while drunk. Which he was often that week.

  3. did you show off your belly on the beach?!? when's your due date, again?

  4. Your going to have to take one then, a picture that is. Do you have a Sears there? I know this is sad but if you want a baby gift it has to come from Sears. Plus I won't send one unless you send me a picture of the babe, in the belly. AKA, Line your self up to the mirror and get shooting. The kids needs to know what you went through and if you don't capture it in picture he will never know what he looked like from the outside. Like the bribe.