Thursday, March 29, 2007


No, not the baby. I'm still pregnant. I think I will be forever. At least it feels that way. What I mean is that our house is finally done being renovated and is now on the market. We had our first showing today.

It apparently went awesomely. They want to know how soon of a posession date is possible. And we have two more viewings scheduled for Friday and Saturday. Hopefully we wind up with a bidding war. That would rock.

Ummm, what else... mymom ordered me my crib. Wont get it until July. Thats right 4 months from now. Great. I ordered my stroller and car seat. Wont get it until April 14th. So I have no idea how we'lll get him home from the hospital without one. (we won't) No, I'm not stressed at all. I've only been waking up with migraines every morning because I have been sleeping with my teeth clenched. But stress? Nah. I've got none of that.

Except the fact that today my son tried to scare the fuck out of me by refusing to move at all, all day. Despite the fact I ate super amounts of sugar trying to wake him up (great for the gestational diabetes). SO I went to the Dr to get checked out, and his heart rate is fine (slower than normal for him but still good). I go for a non-stress test at the hospital tomorrow. Hopefully everything checks out, but my Dr didnt seem too worried.

My mom says its a sign that hes going to be coming soon. I'm not sure how I feel about that. BECAUSE I AM NOT READY FOR IT. But at the same time I am.

Nothing else new at this point so... I will keep you all posted.



  1. Are you moving from Beer town? All I can say is you're one BRAVE mama to move so close to having a baby! Can't wait to keep hearing your stories!

  2. Okay I am ordering tonight. I was thinking one of those snuggly things you wanted to haul the kid around while doing stuff around the house. Let me know.

  3. AWESOME!! I was really hoping that someone would get one for me.

  4. Alright I'll send it to the Sears Depot there. It usually takes three days, so as long as I remember to order it today it should be there by thursday. So don't pop and forget to pick it up.

  5. I didn't order it last night, but I will tonight, I got caught up painting and one thing led to the other and it was past my bedtime. I will go straight home after work and order it.

  6. April 10 is when it will be in. They will call you.