Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dirty Dirty Mind

Question: Grandma's are usually wrinkled and drooping...

Sarah: BOOBS!!!!

Ummm no. You pervert.

Happy **th Birthday Sarah!

Hope you have a great day, even if you are stuck working.

*For bonus points here are the rest of the clues: You stick your appendage inside of me; when I'm old, I'm too stretched out to be useful.*

Don't give away the answer to them Sarah.

**Yes Sarah, I posted this the night before. I wanted it to be up when you checked, and lets be honest, I am not a morning person to get up and post before you look. Also you're an hour ahead of me. And you get up like 6 hours before me.**

At least have a birthday drink to celebrate. Even if you won't go to the bar, have one at home. And have one for me too, I will be joining you at **years old in a short week's time.

Haha, you're older than me! Sorry, I couldn't resist.


  1. ummm...i need more clues...i'll blame it on "pregnancy brain"...

    (and it's my birthday too today!)

  2. 1 week....
    I'm actually in Red Deer today for a conference on Anxiety....So I'm not at home. Raymond is with me so it should be a nice evening. We're in a posh hotel and we're going to eat at a nice restaurant. Maybe A&B instead of McDonalds. Just joking....but it should be nice. He bought me a pink golf bag for my big day. I'm so excited..
    I can't wait for your birthday you old married hag, barefoot and prego...Who's old now.
    As a note this internet time is being billed to someone's room...sorry dude but I had to check my email and you should have shut the computer down....