Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Basic Instinct

I always used to think that certain characteristics about animals were just instinct. Like marking their territory, showing dominance/submission, loyalty and mating.

Jenny? Does all of those things (okay so she has it a little confused and thinks she is the one to do the humping, but whatever)(and to be perfectly honest I think its hilarious when she humps the boy dogs).

Caesar on the other hand seems to be missing a few instinctual abilities. Unfortunately it is not the marking his territory one. He wanders the yard to all his marking places every day. However in case you were wondering (and I know you are) he seems to have the inability to figure out how to mate. This is a problem because we have a female dobermann staying with us (yeah, I'm real happy about that) who happens to currently be in heat (since we've been waiting like 6mos for it to happen) (so we can neuter caesar, because men have issues about neutering virgin male dogs). And this all seems to have been for nothing because seriously, he is too stupid to figure out what to do.

The closest he's got was dry humping the air near her head. (I just know you all wanted to hear that) She walks around pushing her hooha in his face and he licks her butt. Which annoys her to no end.

And good god are dogs in heat ever annoying. Seriously why couldn't we have just took Caesar to her. Would've made my life alot easier. Jenny's too.

So if any of you out there have any tips to making a stupid male dog figure out what to do, that would be much appreciated. But for now, I'm getting ready to go for my massage. I need to get out of the house.


  1. i'm sorry...but that's hilarious!!! is her hooha all swollen and red? i saw a boxer in heat and her hooha was so puffy i couldn't stop laughing...

  2. Heather4:13 PM

    Hey Cind.. first off YES female dogs are ANNOYING AS HELL when they are in heat (thats why Im getting Lex fixed soon - I could KILL her sometimes!!)Also the dogs will usually mate toward the END of her heat cycle, thats when shes ready. If it ends and nothing has happened that u have seen - then Caesar is just dumb! I dont have any suggestions to get him to do it properly. But at any rate.. whoes the female Dobe from?? Can I get my name down for a puppy if it happens?? Ill email you with more ????s. :)