Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wood Heat Misery

This new house has a woodstove, and that is our main source of heat. I cannot take it anymore. There apparently is no middle ground where you are not boiling to death as though you were standing on the surface of the sun. Either the heat is on and you are dying, or it is off and you are freezing to death. Either way you are dead. Or wish you were.

Saying that I am too hot is a big step for me. In our last house Hubby was the Heat Nazi. If you could feel blood circulating, chances are that he would come in and yell at me for it being too hot. People would come over and leave their kids in their winter jackets because it was soooo cold.

I don't know if it is because I am pregnant and have extra blood, enough to bring my circulation to my feet anyway, or if it really is just that hot in here. Hubby keeps getting mad at me because I keep letting the fire go out, but I cannot take it.

Also that is why I don't post so much anymore because the computer is up in the loft and seriously, it is hotter than the surface of the sun up there. And there is nothing that can be done to cool it off up there.

Anyway, I am gonna go try and kill the fire now.


  1. Maybe if you used small pieces of wood it would help, I don't know. I love wood heat, it's great but your right your either fucking hot of fucking cold....and the f word is the right word there.

  2. My inlaws have a cabin that we all go and stay in, and hubby and I get to sleep in the loft - where all the hot air from the wood stove rises. It's also like the surface of the sun. It's so hot you can't breath from the humidity and you take off every item of clothing and lie in bed in a pool of sweat and pray for the fire to burn out soon so you can get to sleep. :)

  3. stafne11:12 PM

    hi... im not sure it will help but you could rig a thermostatic intake on stove to control draft... smoldering fire requires me to clean pipes more often.... i use ceiling fan and use window above 20 degrees farenheit. i enjoy security of wood pile...wood stove is very tricky to control here in north dakota with wind and temp swings...