Monday, October 23, 2006

Holy Illegal, Batman!

I went to an interview on Friday at a motel to do front desk clerk. I have done it before and probably would be the best qualified for it. I have been getting bored at home all by myself lately so I thought I would try to get a job for some extra money and something to do.

Anyway, it was the shortest interview ever. She was really excited about me and getting ready I think to offer me the job, when I decided to tell her I was pregnant, and she looked at me and said "well, I guess I have to tell you you will not get the job. I'm sorry."

I knew that that might happen, but still. It annoys me because it is so illegal. The least she could've done was finish the interview and tell me she would get back to me. Lie to me, tell me there was someone more qualified, I don't care.

Some people just dont get the law.


  1. you're too nice to be telling people...not that i am a scammer...but i think most people are out for themselves and wouldn't think twice about getting the job first...then informing their employer that they're pregnant...

  2. You are about to get a typical Sarah answer: You only told her because you don't really want to work. I didn't say it to be mean, I'm just laughing at you because you don't have to work if you don't want to Cindy. I completely understand, hell if I could get away with it I wouldn't work either. I promise you'll be okay if you just tell people I'm pregnant and feel like shit, I just moved to a small town and don't feel comfortable working knowing I could get sick and have to leave all of the time. So am I a little bit right, you know Adam doesn't read this so you can tell me.