Monday, July 10, 2006

Weekend Project 06

So, Hi! I took Friday off, for no apparent reason. We actually never did go to the amusement park because "WE" decided that maybe "WE" should get some things done around the house.

Hardest part over MY ASS!!

Remember how I was so excited to stain all the wood in my house cherry to match my table? Somebody hit me next time I get ideas like that. I should know better, I went through the maniacal renovation phase leading up to my wedding at my parents house. I KNOW BETTER! Staining is bad. Very, very bad. And it gives you a wicked high that is a bitch to come down from. Proper ventilation is hard to accomplish when you can't let the cat out. Much to the cats chagrin.

Anyway this weekend I managed to finish the dining room walls. They are tongue and groove so it was really hard to do because I was working vertical. Thankfully I had a power sander, but seriously my back and shoulders are so sore I couldn't sleep last night. And when I did sleep i had weird stain induced dreams.

Anyway, I will post pictures of my Weekend Project 06 once I can find my cable to connect to the computer from my camera.

Also while "WE" were working on home renovations, one of us felt that playing with his new lawn mower was more important than sharing in the stain high. Bastard.


  1. I remember painting my house last summer, in the ridiculous heat and humidity, paint bubbling (literally) on the walls, thinking that maybe the builder's white that I hated so bad, wasn't all that bad to begin with...but seriously you're going to feel so good when you're done, and looking around...thinking..."Wow, I'm friggin amazing!" Can't wait to see the pictures.

  2. Bet you drank a galon of coke and three bags of dill pickle chips in the process.
    P.S. Probably the hardest workout you've had since gym class when you walked the 12 minute least I skipped....class that is.

  3. Hahahaha! Well actually it was three gallons of DIET coke and no dill pickle chips because when you are high from stain you feel nauseous (its not like being high on weed) (not that I would know), so I barely ate all weekend because my head was spinning.

    But now that you brought up dill pickle chips I think I will make Adam bring some home from work...

    Also? Most definitely the most workout I have gotten since high school. And I jogged a little. But you're right I mostly walked. And stopped for a break too. Couple of times ;p