Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Well I've learned something very interesting about Telus. When they say, "yes indeed we will give you phone connection on this day" what they really mean is "fuck you, we will tell you one thing and then actually do it 4 days after we said we would. And? Totally not give you internet. So you have to phone us 18 billion times to get everything actually working and make you want to cry while having to talk to one of those phone prompters that aren't really people, but sound creepily alot like one."

So, a big Fuck You! to Telus.

Ahem, Hi everyone. I'm back finally and may even possibly resume regular posting for you all. Now doesn't that sound absolutely like a treat? Well that's all you're getting. So suck it up.

I am possibly bitchy, and tired. I have too much stuff that I can't part with. And it is all a pain in the ass to move when certain relatives promise to come help you move and then show up a day and a half late, just in time to help you drink the 48 beer that are now all nice and chilled in the fridge.

So a big thanks for nothing to a certain relative who will remain nameless. (shakes fist in air)

I figure if a relationship can survive moving, it can survive anything. However if he says one more time "here's another box of your stupid crap" I swear I will throw out every single one of his tools and laugh while he cries. So there.

My dogs seem to be adjusting to their new house quite nicely. Well to be perfectly honest they are just happy to be inside a house and allowed couch privileges. However Caesar seems to think that the deck is a perfectly acceptable place to go to the bathroom. He's lucky I never stepped in it. Oh well I know something he doesn't (He's finally going to be neutered and I am thrilled.) Hahahahaha! Hopefully he will stop sniffing Jenny's butt incessantly, because her patience is wearing thin.

Anyway, tomorrow we will hopefully be going down to Silverwood theme park for the day, because being jobless, I have nothing better to do. But maybe not because Hubby is on his last night shift tonight so he may be tired. Hopefully not though, because I really want to go on some roller coasters.

Also? Spell check just asked if I wanted to replace Fuck with Fiji. Isn't that funny? No? Maybe I'm just computer deprived. Oh well, from now on I think I will replace saying Fuck with Fiji. Won't that be funny? Shut up, I think so.


  1. ashallee8:10 PM

    kay so i have your shirts, and couldnt get a hold of you july 1st.
    I have TONES of stories for you but you arent here no more, so i gotta write em' down until i come see the new pad.
    so whenever you want me there, ill be there, haha, well after i find a day or two off.
    um what else
    yeah i have a lot to tell you.
    shit son
    you are gone
    its sad
    i dont like it
    at least i get those jeans, ill look at them every time i miss you hahahah
    kay so call me please or give me your numero
    gotta jet though

  2. Glad to see everything is slowly sorting itself out - no doubt thanks to you. Alls well that ends well.

  3. You don't have to throw out his tools...just hide a few of his favorites...and watch him freak out...then say "Maybe you accidently threw them out, honey"...then watch him cry...then a few hours later...miraculously find them in one of your boxes and declare..."Hey look what I found in one of my boxes of stupid crap!" And yes moving sucks, but honestly, isn't "unpacking" so much better than "packing"??? Happy to hear you're almost done, and that you, husband, and puppies are settling in.